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New groups, old groups, Facebook pages

Since the “reforms” that occurred on Facebook in terms of the functionality and the role of Pages (Pages) and Groups (Groups)) were confusing to many, here are some explanations about how these tools are designed and what they are for now:

Pages The main goal is to publish news to the tape to an unlimited number of “fans.” Create a page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
  1. You can post to fans news feed.
  2. You can promote the page by the following means: a) advertising on facebook b) social plugins (“like” button, like box)
  3. There are statistics, you can evaluate the effectiveness of page promotion.
  4. Multiple users can manage the page (you can add an unlimited number of administrators).
  5. Users become fans at will, without the approval of the administrators of the page.
  6. You can create and add applications to the page.
  7. You can add tabs to your page, you can create tabs with unique information.
  8. Personal profiles of page administrators are not visible to fans of the page, administrators always publish and comment on behalf of the page.
  9. You can publish a post only for fans in specific countries, and for those who speak specific languages.

New Groups (Groups)
Specially created for small groups of people so that they can communicate with each other. Create a group: http://www.facebook.com/ajax/groups/create_get.php
  1. There is a group chat
  2. Documents: team members can edit one document.
  3. Group members can be notified by email when other members publish information in the group.
  4. The group administrator can send email to group members.
  5. You can create secret groups (not visible in Facebook search), closed groups (visible in the search, but users can join the group only at the invitation of group members), open groups (visible in the search, everyone can send a request to participate in the group. But! group administrators must approve all requests to participate in the group!).
  6. Members can choose how they want to be notified about new messages in the group. They can receive notifications by email and on Facebook.
  7. Personal profiles of group administrators are visible to group members.

Old Groups
Now it is impossible to create a group of the old format.


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