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I got a letter here from a system like SiteHeart . In which I was invited to the "High-Tech-party", which in turn will be held today, June 14, 2007 at 19.00 in the Start Up offee (2, Kharkiv St., near the cafe "3 rd Time").

In theory, we dimm today send their feet there.
If anyone is interested, then here is the invitation itself:

Denis Vladimirovich,
good evening / morning

You probably know that Internet Acquiring is absolutely not the only project of the Electronic Business Center.
We have a lot of innovative, technological Internet projects.
In particular, we recently opened an innovative cafe “Start-up Coffee” of a new format - in the center of the city, near the “3rd Time” at Kharkovskaya 2.
In addition to delicious excellent coffee, we plan to gather there people who are somehow connected with the Internet, programming, and business on the Internet.
So this Thursday there will be an interesting event - a themed High-Tech evening, where we will present one of our projects for the start,
We will tell how it was created, how it moved, what progress, we will listen to the comments of guests. This is for the beginning - and further - we will invite everyone to talk about their online projects, discuss innovations, new projects, etc.

We have already invited the most interesting "Internet" people from Dnepropetrovsk and will be glad to see you at this evening.
An invitation to the evening is attached. The entrance is free.

In addition, the cafe is always open for you and your partners and colleagues to drink coffee, work in free WIFI, discuss projects, read newspapers.

We wait.

But this document was in the attachment:
Attention! High-tech party in a new themed Start Up cafe of a new format.

Theme of the evening:
The developers of the unique project codeIDE.com will present their project, tell about the process of its creation, answer all your questions, listen to criticism and suggestions with pleasure.

June 14, 2007 at 19.00 in the Start Up offee
Kharkovskaya St., 2, near the cafe "3rd Time"

the entrance is free
Contact phone: +38 098 505-56-06, 370-98-73,

Start Up Coffee:
• This is the beginning of a new day: Start your creative day with a sip of real Brazilian coffee, which can be taken to the office and treated to colleagues. Connect to WIFI and read the morning news on the Internet, your e-mail, as well as the latest newspapers.
• These are new acquaintances: Our visitors understand the value of communication and communication.
• These are new projects: Here you can start working on a laboratory, course work or a new, grandiose Internet project. All you need is free WIFI, favorite drinks and fragrant pastries.
• These are new partners: Here you can meet future partners, colleagues and associates.
• These are new impressions and emotions: In a relaxed atmosphere with a glass of excellent Latte in your hands, you can tell others about your projects, argue or criticize other people's ideas, or become a member of the team of creatives and developers.
• This is a convenient place for your meetings with business partners or clients: over a cup of hot coffee you will always come to an agreement on cooperation.

In Start Up coffees everyone is always in a great mood!
We are waiting for you every day from 8.00 to 22.00 on ul.Harkovskoy.2

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