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Trying to open a business


Good day, dear reader. In this series of articles, I plan to talk about how we decided to start our own business. I will describe everything - search for premises, facilities, design, and so on.

I will be very happy if this material is read by people with experience and will share theirs. I, in turn, will provide useful opinions and comments to the end of the post.
Perhaps in this way we will get quite useful material that will be useful in the future and others, I hope.
We are trying to open a business. Part 2

Nachalo began ...

Everything starts from something. It all started with a glass of Pepsi cognac, on a rainy Friday evening. My friend and I shared with each other the events of the past week. They talked about work, life and money. Smoothly and surely, we came to the conclusion that living for 20-25 thousand in Sochi is already impossible, especially to me (I have two little girls and a wife). We knew that opening a business in a city where “mutual understanding” reigns will not be easy. We also understood that simply opening a grocery store (a stall, a computer store, an advertising agency, a real estate agency, etc.), is not that soft. Since all this is already a dime a dozen. For several days we frantically went over ideas.
I think this is one of the most important moments. You need to find an interesting idea, check whether there are analogues, whether they will compete with you, whether it will be possible to start with this. We found some interesting ideas, developed their implementation, but set them aside for later, as to realize them a solid investment of money is required at the start. But unfortunately, as in most cases, the money at the start is either very little or not at all. We found an interesting idea for our city - products from Japan. We checked whether there are similar stores - found only two. Both are at the other end of the city. We went into each.

Shop number 1 or hi 90s

The store is hard enough to find. Bad location. Commercial area 2.5 m2. Gray, poorly lit room. Everything is crammed with goods, from pastel linen, to Japanese beer, car pads and the like ... There is no cash register. Although it is not necessary for SP, I think it is good to have a cash register - the customer receives a check as confirmation that he bought the goods from you. I admit, I would not buy anything in such a store.

Shop number 2 and pricing

The shop is located in the city center, on a busy street. The room is bright, 3.5-4 m2, but it looks large enough, due to the fact that the product is categorized, beautifully arranged and lit. Caused positive emotions, but prices were biting. In this and all the salt and salt, this comes under the brand name "RENT".

Looking only at these two stores, I personally thought only one thing - “How do they keep afloat?”

About the pricing of their capabilities

So we thought about what we have at the moment.

We both understand what we are trying to get involved in, that it will not be easy, especially in the financial part, but it will be an adventure that will give good experience, which may be useful in the future, because we still have our whole life ahead, and we want to LIVE, and not to exist for 20 000 rubles per month ...

In the selection of the legal form of the enterprise

This was the first moment where our views diverged. I "fought" for the LLC, and my friend - for Yip (I want to say that he was willing to tear it off both for himself and for me, according to him, without a word).
My reasons are:

I would also like to say about the minuses that we see in the LLC:

Now let's talk about IP.
This is what we would attribute to the pluses:


At the moment we have settled on the IP, but still we are thinking about how to consolidate our rights / obligations for profit / debt. They chose the PI, because there will be no problems with reporting and its

About the formation of retail space

Here an interesting incident happened, which I hope will be decided by the time of writing the sequel. The first thing my friend did was go to the district administration. After talking with the head of "some kind of" department, he told the following:
  1. 1. A person who can provide us with a list of required documents and describe the procedure for obtaining permission to trade, currently on vacation. Fortunately, he will soon come out of the holidays and we will begin to "fight" with the documents ...
  2. 2. It was casually mentioned that our administration did not give such permissions to anyone for the past two years! It is not difficult to guess what it was. But we want to do everything honestly according to the law ... It turns out or not, I will write in the following articles.

Finally I would like to give a couple of tips from personal experience ...

In the next article, I will talk about how we decided to design the store, I will describe the various software that I chose to design. About where we will invest money. And in general about how things are progressing. Put on the reality show, "Open Your Business."

PS: I didn’t make up my mind on choosing a blog for publication, but I think this one is more suitable. I ask you to express your opinion. If this cycle of articles is not needed, I will hide the post and will not write about it, if it is nevertheless interesting, I will soon continue ...

PPS: At the request of ProGramMos , I write that at the moment it is planned to write:

This is what I think to write at the moment. On the way there will probably be something else. If you already want to find out something now, which I did not bring in - tell me, I will definitely write.

Tell me which blog to put it. And then swear :)

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