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Answers to questions about Unity on desktops

The news that in Ubuntu 11.04 there will be a default version of Unity for desktops, caused a lot of controversy among readers.

For the unknowing, you can get an idea of ​​Unity by watching one of the many videos on Youtube or by viewing the section on Wikipedia .
Under the cat will be answered the most popular questions about Unity.

Will Unity use the Global Menu?
“Yes, the desktop version of Unity will come with a global default menu.” Most likely, additional changes will be made to computers with multiple monitors, but I can’t say anything yet since for the time being we don’t have any sketches.

Will the Unity launchpad support auto hiding at 11.04?

Will there be ALT + TAB functionality in Unity Desktop?
Yes. * ( * Christian Giordano has confirmed ALT + TAB on the Ayatana mailing list.)

Will it be possible to use other themes in Unity?
Not yet decided, but there is an intention.

Will I be able to use something instead of Unity if my computer does not support Unity?
The usual GNOME 2D interface will be provided to those who do not like Unity or whose computer is not powerful enough to use the Unity 3D interface.

When I use Dash, I do not see the Network Manager icon, will Unity use indicator-network?
“Not really, the plans were to improve the indicator-network and patch the Network-Manager so that it could be used in case of problems with the indicator-network.”

Will Unity's Dash file manager support right click?
“Yes, there will be. However, I am not sure that this will happen at 11.04, but at 11.10, Dash will undergo many changes. At 11.04, we’ll get Nautilus back to the front line to allow you to work with files easier until we finish working on Dash. ”

Questions answered by Jorge Castro.

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