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Typology of performers

While everyone is in a sweet oblivion - kind, cheerful and complacent, I propose to continue the study of private production experience in the format of typologies. My previous publication was devoted to customers , now is the time to talk about the other side of the issue - the performers. I hope that my karma will take it (a subtle hint).

As I said, my work is on two stools. The first is working with clients - receiving and processing information in the “what we do” format. The second is the work with the design team - in fact, the translation of words into the result (“do”).

I deliberately avoid the terms “division” and “management” here because there is much more nuance in managing someone and something than in dealing with customers. Today, I consecrate a narrow topic, which designers meet in general. We will talk about everything else in the following issues.
Generally found - it is very average, you should understand this. There are many designers in our country and their requirements for themselves are quite low. To make sure you don’t have to go far, just look at the habravacancy . But take it calmly, this is a given, and it is in this reality that we exist.

By the way, I am familiar with the question of “generally meet” from two sides. I have experience in the formation and work of teams (under the direction, under the project): because in most cases I myself find and recruit people with whom I work. Plus, some time ago I was seriously engaged in working with remote performers (individuals and groups of individuals).
It can be said that this staffing issue is exhausted, but I always admit (and this position) that new aspects and aspects can open up on any issue, and here I am ready to listen and comment.

But back to our reality. By and large, there are exactly one problem - our designers do not know how to work for money. They work for: idea, respect, status, love, charisma, fear, need, etc. And understand correctly, all people have this problem, in particular, because . But here at designers it is particularly acute. Here I can only make an assumption - creativity is a more personal form of work than many others, and personal work is worse converted.
And this, too, must be taken calmly, this is just part of the rules of the game, it must be remembered in order to be less surprised in each particular case. Because when you start working with designers, you will inevitably come across some typical characters:

1. Artist - in this case, this is a dirty word. He is squeezed through his teeth and at the same time add such and such mother. Why? Because an “artist” is a person who gives a stop at the very first critical moment of a project. The most common reason: the rejection or interpretation of his ("artist") ideas. When you try to put pressure on the “artist”, you will quickly realize that neither the money, nor the result, nor in other clinical cases, other participants in the project, nothing for the “artist” is a reason to continue working. The situation is stalemate: there is no result, the client is not satisfied, the contractor does not want to continue working.

2. Molding is a performer without fear and reproach. There are two types: right and wrong. Correct lepila is the quintessence of commercial design (it is extremely rare). A person who quietly executes client installations, adds just enough from himself that the project “sounded” and gives out “on the mountain” a product (not a masterpiece, but a product), to which it is very difficult to complain ... the soul.
Wrong sculpted - this is an ordinary hack. In my experience, the situation is often complicated by the fact that he is also a brazen, stubborn extortionist. Much more molded cares about their rights than about their work.

3. Transformer - a kind of "artist" (which is a dirty word). This is a person who just never magically enters the brief and task. He just can not get into them, because he always makes a gag. There are two varieties: those whose gag can be profitably sold, and those whose gag is not for sale.

4. Vroon - you understand what is at stake. Often met with pathological cases. It only remains to be surprised how creative people are inventive in a lie, and how far this lie can lead them. By the way, a small detail, I teach everyone that it’s not scary to delay the deadlines, it’s scary not to warn in time. And without exception, they are silent until the last ...

5. Elk - there are guys who are pulling tires to the last. They are swinging, swinging, and when they have already smelled a soldering iron, once - and everything is ready.
This is only for adrenaline lovers. The feeling that once again has done a good deal brightens the quality of the work itself. Plus, in my personal practice, these guys very much interfered with the work of everyone else.

6. A kettle - an amateur who you (also a kettle to a certain extent) failed to calculate in time. By the way, their site building is apparently invisible. The most interesting is that our domestic kettles are sometimes so cleverly encrypted under the venerable creators, that it remains only to be given. Most often brings us, again, the national trait to see in all of what is in fact not.

7. Kukuyevtsy - when they want to save money they always find such. No, they are not teapots, they are simply not from here. And the point is not that they live in the provinces - believe me, I have met quite talented, adequate people from small and very remote settlements. The fact is that they live in other ideas about modern, relevant work - and this idea is not in your favor.

8. A friend is a bad option. Do not ask friends to do anything for you for money, again because . The main thing is, I can explain to you what the temptation is. If you intend to entrust something to a friend, you always expect that you will be able to avoid stupid formalities and ... difficult, unpleasant situations that the project already has (deadlines, burning?). So, the problems will remain, and friendships will be spoiled, believe me.

Here, perhaps, that's all. More than anything, our mind does not go, the rest - particular. Young hemp, cynical scammers and outright insurgents, all this is a non-professional classification, and leave them aside.

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