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Accounting for personal finances: fun and useful!

image Let me meet you a little bit. My name is Aleksey, I represent the company Sanuel in Habré. And in this post I would like to talk a little bit about what we do and what I will write on Habré. I apologize in advance if the topic turns out to be advertising (I can't imagine how you can tell about yourself, your products, and avoid advertising).

Since 2004, we have been developing software products (only for CIS countries) for managing personal finances. I am sure that this topic is interesting to a large circle of people (and if you are not interested in this, be sure to read my next post, where I will try to explain why it is so important to control my finances, what it really gives). I will try to write here only interesting and useful notes.

Below you will learn about the lineup of our programs called Family. This product is well known in the CIS market, and if you have not heard of it, I am sure you should like it. I will try to write briefly and to the point!
In order not to write a lot of text about what accounting for personal finance is and why we need a financial program, I will only briefly introduce you to our developments. Many have tried such programs more than once, read about similar online services, or have developed their own method of accounting finances in Excel, or Google Docs. What can the Family program offer, why is it needed at all and what stands out from the competition for about 6 years?

Nice appearance

Reading Habra for about a year, I noticed a lot of materials on interfaces and usability. We also pay a lot of attention and time to this aspect. I am sure how good the program / service would be, the appearance can destroy the product. I suggest you evaluate the appearance of the program by looking at a number of screenshots (so far without detailed comments):

Interactive reports (you can click a mouse on any area and get more detailed information):

Budget Planning Assistant:

Evaluation of the achievement of financial goals:

Rich functionality

Hardly any online service, or Excel (Google Docs) will be able to offer you the same tools for financial management:

Instead of conclusion

Of course, it’s impossible to fully understand what the Family series programs are (and this is at least 4 software products) just by reading this topic, so I’m sure to leave you our coordinates:

Program website
Tips for working with the program
Program Forum (quite active)

If you have questions, or just want to express your opinion - leave comments! Thanks for attention!

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