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"Video for the web" is different from the TV format. First of all, the Internet has a slightly different audience, its own characteristics, laws, popular personalities and phenomena. If you make a certain plot, in which you need to, say, show a certain collective image of a “famous blonde”, for TV it will most likely be Ksenia Sobchak, for the Internet - Katya Gordon. Typical scandalous creative person for TV - Sergey Zverev, for the Internet - Artemy Lebedev. If you need to “add humor” - it would be more logical to quote Zadornov or a joke from the Comedy Club on TV, on the Internet - a quote from the “Bash.org” resource or show a popular picture from the site “Demotivator.ru”.

To make a viral "video for the web", sometimes do not need large budgets, professional actors, animators, designers. Often you just need to choose the right topic or problem, show interesting things to Internet users that will “make” them to immediately share a video with friends, and your video will be posted on the Internet instantly.

What am I talking about? To get started, watch our promo video ...

Interested? - Welcome under the cut!

So, we are a small company of Internet and video fans who professionally create and distribute "video for the web."

We “know the Internet” and provide customers with the opportunity to “light up” on the Internet in the most efficient, fast and low-cost way!

Among other things, we have a kind of unique selling proposition! We sell not only a unique product (“video for the web”), built on a specially thought-out and proven model (akin to the AIDA model in advertising), but also a specific benefit, i.e. Immediately guarantee a certain number of people from the target audience who will know exactly about your company / product.

Our portfolio is not very rich yet, but we really hope to replenish it at the expense of our beloved Habr! Interesting Internet projects - big discounts! Welcome to our website - www.WeVi.ru !

PS And if you need integrated services, including development, design, etc., etc. - go to the site of our head company Digity Group - we will provide a full range of services together with a viral video! :)

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