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In two months, Twitter has 30 million more users.

Despite the opinion of some experts who claim that Twitter is about to lose its popularity, the number of users of this microblogging service is only increasing. So, over the past two months, the number of users on Twitter has increased by 30 million. So, in early September, the number of service users totaled 145 million. On November 1, a similar figure was 175 million people - it turns out that in two months the number of users has increased by 30 million people.

A well-known resource TechCrunch believes that in early 2011 the number of Twitter users will be 200 million users. Of course, this is somewhat less than that of Facebook - there we are talking about half a billion users, but still this figure is very significant. It is unlikely that at the current rate of growth of the service’s popularity, it will start losing users in the next few years.
Interestingly, some experts believe that the new version of the microblogging service interface is the factor that allowed attracting even more users. The new Twitter design was launched in September this year. Initially, as always, there were many dissatisfied, but now the number of users approving this design exceeds the number of users who would like to return to the old interface.

Twitter users especially like the function of embedding various elements of content from popular services such as YouTube, Flickr, TwitPic and others into their microblogging. Now every day about 370 thousand new users are registered on the service - you must admit, this is a significant figure. It would be interesting, by the way, to find out how many users stop working with Twitter - of course, such data is much more difficult to obtain for technical reasons ...

Generally speaking, Twitter may well be called a phenomenon of our time - this is one of the most successful startups. It is gratifying to see how a good idea gets the development and recognition of the Internet community. Eh, there would be more startups, good and different :-)

Via techcrunch

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