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Democamp 2010 Report

You had no idea, and in the Polish city of Poznan, in the 11th pavilion of the building of the Internation Fair, from 22 to 23 October, an exhibition and competition of start-ups Democamp 2010 took place.


I, as an employee of the startup promotion agency, could not miss such an event. It was a great opportunity to show yourself ( Goozzy ) and look at others, offer your services to European promising start-ups and just have a good time.
Upon returning to the northern capital, I share with you the most interesting details of my short-term business trip: I want to tell you about interesting startups from the exhibition, special guest Victoria Ermoleva, Opera's main PR manager in Moscow and much more.

Day 1 (October 22) - Startup Exhibition

Having arrived at the exhibition at 11:30, I observed how carefully and painstakingly the leaders of start-ups approached the creation of their stands. Unfortunately, I did not have any promotional materials at all, due to the fact that I later learned about Democamp.

Nevertheless, I did a pretty good demo for everyone, starting something like this:
Do you want to know about our project. Yes. So our project is a transparent browser ... "



Help system for events (a la timepad.ru , eventbrite.ru ). Event page, registration, means of selling tickets. The coolest booth, the most active promo. They even have a brand book and this is noticeable.


Two roll-ups, napkins, themed sweets, T-shirts, 5 people on the stand. A small action (in my opinion, unsuccessful): a cute girl handed out Chinese cookies, where inside were the advantages of their system. If you assemble a group of four people with different pieces of paper from the cookies, you could get branded optical mice.


Cloud hosting for Ruby on Rails. The main feature is security. After talking with Barbara, the representative of the investors of this project, I came to the conclusion that they are interested in promoting their hosting in Russia. Perhaps soon I will introduce you to them closer;)


The guys are very funny, they brought a bunch of Apple technology to the stand: iPad, Mac book pro, iMac :)


System for email marketing. Do cool guys from Lithuania, ate with them then the local cuisine.


The essence of the project is drawing up beautiful letters for distribution by the drag & drop method. Simple and very beautiful. One letter costs one euro cent.
About these guys will soon be a separate post, they asked us to help them find partners in Russia.


Facebook dating service. Connect your account in one click, and the system, using your interests, location, friends and secret sauce, selects you a potential pair from other users of the system.


true.pl (BetweenApp)

Intranet for companies. Megaplan competitor, or BaseCamp / BackPack .


The guys have not started yet, but they themselves are very cool. The design of their applications and booth was just great.


Social network for local politicians (mayors of districts, employees of the city administration) and residents of the city.


The idea, in my opinion, is very cool. Politicians lead their pages, talk about their activities, about their decisions. They have fans among the inhabitants of the city. Any resident, if he has enough rating, can collect an e-referendum. For example, for the legalization of marijuana, while other residents may vote for this decision.

In this way:Russia clearly lacks such a tool for developing democracy :)


Funny idea: a girl takes a photo of herself in a new room in a fitting room, sends an MMS with a photo to the site and after a few minutes receives a report: does it go to her or not. The secret is that in these five minutes, users vote for a photo on the site, whether they like it or not.



Social network for people involved in fitness. Performs two functions:

Ideally, this is a replacement for an individual trainer; in the future, the programs will be parameterized depending on the person.


Another conference service. As they claim, their key difference is that they only earn on the margin from ticket sales.


Marketing robot

Cool idea. Marketing robot for children. He speaks Polish, drives. It has a touch-screen face, you can poke him in the eye!



What I really liked in Poland is the widespread distribution of my favorite coffee - Lavazza. One of the sponsors (as in previous years) watered all the coffee with milk and fed sandwiches.


A pleasant surprise

Online auction: Allegro.pl dragged 800 (!) Cans of branded energy drink.
Funny fact: these guys made one of the very first and successful examples of the Polish project entering the Russian market: http://molotok.ru - Russian version of allegro.pl

Startup battle

10 startups competed for the title of the winner:
  1. ututi.com - a social network for students;
  2. mokinukai.lt (http://www.uczniaki.com) - a portal for children, offers innovative teaching methods based on an interactive learning environment and the integration of video and audio communications;
  3. bzyku-bzyku.pl - dating service;
  4. betweenapp.com - time and schedule management;
  5. fins.pl - personal finance;
  6. fidbek.pl - an integrated psychological service for girls, a way to find out what people think of you;
  7. szukajauto.pl - base on cars;
  8. ciuchometr.pl - quick assessment by users of the sent photo;
  9. uczestnicy.pl - help system for events;
  10. verskis.lt - Online store for 24 hours.


The winner was a startup fidbek.pl .

Special guest - Victoria Ermoleva

Vika is a professional classical pianist who became famous thanks to her YouTube channel (30,000 subscribers), laying out cover versions of famous songs on the piano.


Everyone liked Vika playing very cool (she studied at the Conservatory for a long time). Originally from Ukraine :) speaks Russian. He lives in Reykjavik.

Day 2 (October 23)

Barcamp Day (conference, where everyone could read something).
Due to the afterparty, on which there were 30 percent of all startups and who had been squeezed into the Blue Barberry Bar before 5 am, the start was delayed until 11:30.

I was not lucky to be the first. I tried to tell sleepy people in the hall how to promote startups in Russia. Startups were just two people, I did not hit the target audience, although the performance was not the worst.

The rest of the day would have been completely sour if I had not met Vladimir Isaev, the main PR manager of Opera in Russia. With him we had a great walk around the city and visited several local clubs.

My impressions

Poland is very similar to Russia, everything is a bit cheaper than ours. The same start-ups, a bunch of young projects, entrepreneurs.
I noticed a very interesting difference when you talk about a startup, the Poles will ask you "Where is the money?".

I saw an interesting (and popular) business at the Warsaw airport, mobile phone charging devices. A sort of storage camera with cords charge. You put the phone in, you scan your finger, in half an hour you take it back with your finger.

In conclusion, I post a photo of the most beautiful girl in the exhibition with a bonus:


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107390/

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