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The helicopter flew 12 hours on remote charging

LaserMotive, together with the German company Ascending Technologies, designed a miniature helicopter with a unique charging system: its photocells are illuminated from the ground by several lasers - and thus electricity is generated.

The helicopter lasted a record 12 hours in the air ( video ), which is 10-20 times longer than ordinary batteries could provide. The experiment was set up in the Future of Flight Aviation Center building, that is, in greenhouse conditions.

But the Falcon 8 helicopter and the laser guidance system do a good job outdoors even in strong winds.

LaserMotive is involved in a variety of remote power transmission projects. For example, last year they won $ 900,000 in the NASA Power Beaming Challenge competition for the development of a space elevator .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107386/

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