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Video from HighLoad ++ in Mail.Ru: what are you doing?

Dear Colleagues!

October 26 and 28 in Mail.Ru the days of HighLoad ++ passed. As always, we have made life easier for our numerous developers of high-loaded projects, freeing them from the need to travel in full composition to the conference.

But this is not about this: if you are interested, we are ready to share videos of the reports of interest to you.
Choose, vote!

Stoyan Stefanov (Yahoo) - Progressive Downloads and Rendering
Joe Damato - Performance tweaks and tools for Linux
Bruce Momjian (PostgreSQL) - Building Global Teams Like Postgres
James Golick - Scaling to the Hundreds of Millions of Requests: What Worked and What Didn't
Konstantin Osipov (Oracle) - MySQL growth problems (about the growth problems of a project and its team)
Yury Kovalev (Performance Lab) - Load Testing without Borders
Petr Zaitsev - Diagnosing and Correcting MySQL Performance Problems

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107383/

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