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Gyazo Pro - paid version


Surely many are familiar with the Gyazo screenshots quick creation service. (those who are not familiar can read more about it here )

Let me remind you the main advantages:
- Multiplatform
- All actions in one click
- Open Source (you can, for example, recompile the application so that it simultaneously adds all the images to a specific local folder)

At one time I wrote to the creator of Toshiyuki Masui a question about how this service can be supported financially, to which I received the answer “At the moment the service does not need donations”.
And recently, Gyazo launched the paid version of Gyazo Pro , which allows
- see the entire history of screenshots ( http://gyazo.com/history )
- delete selected screenshots
- add screenshots to favorites
- access your images from any computer

The cost of a Pro account is $ 24 per year, or $ 2 per month.

PS I have enough basic account, but after a year and a half of active use of this service I paid for a Pro account for a year.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107371/

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