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ISS may have to leave because of Russian computers.

On the international space station serious problems.
According to NASA program manager Mike Saffredini: the Russian computers that control key life support systems have failed. Since they also control the navigation of the station, this can create a dangerous situation due to which the crew may be forced to leave the ISS.

Scientists hope to deal with the problem in the coming days, but if they fail to start the computers, the station will have to leave. ISS usually maintains orientation in space due to large gyros, but periodically includes jet nozzles, which are controlled by computers. Representatives of NASA say that similar problems have happened before, but they never affected all three backup lines of Russian computers, so that computers cannot even restart. The American segment has its own computers, but their work also depends on ours.
Engineers studying the problem believe that the reason was the installation of a new solar battery and its shutdown may allow the computer to reboot. Another option that can give additional time for repair is to use the life support system of the shuttle Atlantis and its engines to adjust the orbit, but the shuttle can be in orbit no more than 15 days.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10737/

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