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Jabra presents innovative stereograms

GN Netcom (brand Jabra) has created three new wire solutions for those who are in constant motion, who love music and sports. Jabra CHILL and Jabra RHYTM headphones, designed specifically for active users who love music and are constantly on the move, can already be purchased in stores, and the Jabra ACTIVE model will go on the market at the end of 2010. Soon, all Jabra stereo solutions will appear not only in black, but also in actual white color. In addition, the Jabra ACTIVE headset will be available in trendy yellow colors. The emergence of these models is associated with the growing popularity of multimedia phones, including the iPhone and Blackberry. The popularity of smartphones has led to an increase in demand for wired stereo solutions specifically designed for listening to media files, music applications, audio books and, of course, telephone conversations. New stereo solutions from GN Netcom are tailored to the needs of all end users. The main feature of the models Jabra CHILL, Jabra ACTIVE and Jabra RHYTM is the highest sound quality and ergonomic design, thanks to which the devices perfectly match the shape of the auricle and perfectly fit to the ear without attracting increased attention. All three types of headphones have a unified management system that allows users to easily move from track to track, as well as receive phone calls, which makes it easy to conduct telephone conversations. Jabra CHILL, Jabra ACTIVE and Jabra RHYTM are equipped with a 3.5 mm jack that is compatible with all standard smartphones, including Apple, Blackberry, LG and Motorola. In addition, an adapter is included with the headphones, which allows you to connect them to the phones of most manufacturers, including Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Jabra CHILL headphones are attached securely and comfortably to your ear, so they are ideal for listening to music and talking on the phone on the go. Jabra CHILL - the first on the market wired headphones with ear plugs Jabra Ultimate-fit Eargels, which guarantee reliable fixation and the highest sound quality. Headphones are equipped with a microphone with an easy-to-use button for receiving and ending calls. They easily and quickly connect to any smartphones. Jabra RHYTM headphones are ideal for those who under no circumstances want to part with their favorite songs and at the same time afraid to miss an important phone call. Thanks to exceptional stereo sound, ear plugs blocking external noise, and the Jabra RHYTHM noise-canceling microphone provide rich and vivid sound of music tracks, as well as crystal clear and crisp sound transmission when talking on the phone. Jabra ACTIVE headphones are designed for sports enthusiasts. They allow users to enjoy their favorite music while training, without worrying about the position of the headphones in their ears. The ergonomic design of the Jabra ACTIVE has been specifically designed for those who are actively involved in sports - Jabra Active Eargels ear pads are conveniently mounted and do not allow water and sweat to pass through. The headset, equipped with a noise-canceling microphone, provides the highest sound quality, and comes complete with a compact case that makes it comfortable and portable. Wired headphones Jabra CHILL, Jabra ACTIVE and Jabra RHYTM continue the line of popular music devices from GN Netcom. This series also features Jabra HALO, Jabra STREET and Jabra CLIPPER headsets.


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