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FSF for nothing inspires passion: the App Store will be compatible with the GPL

Translation of the official application on the Free Software Foundation website .

Remi Denis-Kurmont (Rémi Denis-Courmont) is one of the main developers of the VLC media player, a free and free program published under the GPL. A few days ago, he wrote a letter to Apple complaining that his work is distributed through the App Store with conditions that contradict the GPL and prohibit users from sharing the program.

We previously wrote about the terms of use of the App Store legal agreement, and how they conflict with the GNU GPL and AGPL. This is because we have already gone through a similar procedure for forcing Apple to fulfill license requirements when we discovered that the ported version of GNU Go (with FSF copyright) was distributed through the App Store. Unfortunately, Apple left the problem by simply removing the software from the App Store. Remy expects Apple to do the same with the VLC player. He said that in this case, “users of iOS devices [will] be deprived of the VLC media player as a result of the uncompromisingly tight control that Apple retains over its mobile application platform.”

He is absolutely right about the essence of the problem. The GPL license allows Apple to distribute this software through the App Store. All they have to do is follow the license conditions, helping to maintain the free status of the program. Instead, Apple decided to impose Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) and proprietary legal conditions on the entire contents of the App Store. They would rather throw out all the GPL-software than change their own rules. Their recklessness prevents you from getting these great programs on Apple devices.
Apple continues to use more and more DRM in its products: they recently announced that the Mac App Store will soon start working for laptops and desktops, and you can be sure that it will have the same draconian limitations as in the current App Store. At the same time, supporters of the GPL like Remi are fighting for everyone to have complete control over their computer. We are grateful for his principled position. If you also want to demonstrate your support, this is easy: just stay away from the DRM-infected App Store.

Above was the translation of the official application on the website of the Free Software Foundation .

PS One of the VLC developers has already commented on the statement of the FSF and said that the organization unfoundedly inflames passions. It seems that the latest version of the conditions of the Apple Store has finally become compatible with the GPLv2. For example, the item LICENSE OF APP STORE PRODUCTS reads:

If you’re losing it , you ’ll be able to use it. The App Store Product has been entered into the App Store. "

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