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Mobile Developer Day in Moscow, December 9

Mobile Developer Day - a conference of mobile developers in Russia. On this day, we invite to the meeting everyone who is interested in the field of content production and mobile phone applications. Successful developers and project owners will share their experience, and vendors and major companies will present new products and communicate directly with developers.

Conferences will be held in 2 halls, for 600 and 130 people. Between the halls is a lounge area with coffee, convenient for informal communication and rest from the sections. We are invited to make presentations of the largest companies in the market. Representatives of the other side of the market: mobile operators, content providers and aggregators. As well as independent mobile software developers.
Participation in the conference confirmed:
Begun - “And now we go to you! Advertising in mobile applications ”(Dmitry Glavtsky);
Microsoft - "Development of games based on XNA on the platform of Windows Phone 7" (Vladimir Kolesnikov);
ABBYY Headquarters - “The market of mobile applications - successful experience and new trends. ABBYY OCR and linguistic technologies for mobile platforms ”(Olga Tolstunova);
Forum Nokia - Nokia for Developers (Alexey Kokin); "Qt Quick - new features for the designer and developer" (Alexander Trufanov)
SPB Software - “Global trends in the development of the mobile applications market” (Vasily Filippov);
DorogaTV - “DorogaTV Traffic Jams for Mobile Applications. How to embed traffic jams in your mobile application ”(Evgeny Makarov);
Free-lance - “Outsourcing vs Office. Efficiency of remote teams ”(Vasily Voropayev);
i-Free Innovations - “The market of mobile applications: who plays and who wins” (Ilya Chernetsky).

As well as Google, Intel, AlterGeo, Mail.ru, Agent Plus, KTT-soft, Mobiplas, Moscow Business School, Mobiety, Tvigle, CMG Russia, Usabilitylab and others. Round tables will be held on IT Management (moderated by Vyacheslav Pankratov, it4business.ru) and Mobile websites and applications (moderated by Kirill Rozhkovsky, WapStart).

The event will take place on December 9 at the address: Moscow, Vorontsovo Pole, 5a, in the conference halls of the Business Incubator of the Higher School of Economics.

You can find detailed information about the event , the program and register on the official website www.mdday.ru

Registration fee - 1 500 rubles. (payment for halls, coffee breaks and other organizational moments), discounts are available, follow the news on the website or on Twitter using the hash tag #mddru ( @mddru )

Conference organizers: DorogaTV, HSE INC, Sawtech, Unova.

On general issues, as well as on partnership issues: Mikhail Denisov, +79200745482, md@mdday.ru
According to the program: Elena Kotina, +79040684999, ek@mdday.ru

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