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Bloom Modular Laptop from Stanford University Students

If you have ever disassembled a laptop, then you can imagine how much this procedure takes time. Students at Stanford University decided that it would be nice to save time and create a modular laptop that can be disassembled in just 2 minutes by consistently completing about 10 actions.

The guys from the USA (Stanford University) together with students from Aalto University (Aalto University) in Finland developed a recyclable consumer electronics product that makes electronics recycling more simple, effective and attractive for consumers - an easily disassembled laptop.
Unlike other laptops that are available today, which takes about 45 minutes to disassemble and includes about 120 steps, the Bloom notebook can be disassembled in just a couple of minutes and without using any tools. This modular design allows easy assembly for consumers and reduces the amount of electronic waste in landfills. Since the laptop is easy to disassemble, it can be easily repaired or easily component-wise updated by a non-specialist, which implies a long-term relationship with the user.

An important part of the project is the environmental component. Every year the percentage of non-recyclable electronics is only growing. For example, in 2005 about 1.9 million tons of electronics went to landfill, and only about 345 thousand tons of them were recycled. For the year 2006, the figures for these indicators were 2.2 million tons and 379 thousand tons, respectively.

On the video you can see how the process of disassembly.

To create a laptop, Engel Hall and his teammates bought several laptops from HP, several MacBooks and used their parts. They also used batteries from mobile phones. Most of the time was spent on the design of the case with fasteners without screws. “There are many ways to make a device that is assembled and disassembled without the use of tools. We wanted our laptop to be so simple that people couldn’t get confused in any way, ”says Engel-Hall.

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