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It seems to live next to (about delivery to neighboring countries)

For the past six months, there is my online store "On the paths." Half a year has passed from the moment “oh, how to become free” until the moment “phew, I didn’t expect it myself.”

First of all, I didn’t expect the store to become popular so quickly and “come out in people”. Perhaps the reason for this was the action at festivals and tourist competitions. Maybe the store really liked the forum users from tourist and fishing sites. Maybe just my lack of greed played a role. Probably, this is the topic of a separate review article "How I spent the summer and found customers." There will be such an article.

Now I want to talk a bit about the urgent problem. It may well be that the problem was solved long ago, and I, a blind man with a squint, was looking for it in the wrong place. But the answer for me is still not obvious and hides somewhere in the dark.
During the six months of the store’s existence, I had about six dozen orders from Ukraine, Belarus, Abkhazia and Kazakhstan. Some of them managed to be realized thanks to kind friends and railway guides. And happiness to those who had good friends in Moscow and familiar guides on flights. These people were able to get their orders. Although, it happened, not without problems.

But out of sixty such orders, it was possible to fulfill only a dozen and some. The reason is simple - we are divided borders.

From the very first order to Ukraine, I began to look for ways to arrange delivery. It would seem that everything is simple: there are organizations involved in this, there is mail. But somehow everything works wrong.

Post office. With mail sometimes does not add up even in Russia. That will count wrong. That from the client superfluous take. And then he comes to rebel and cry to me. Then for a couple of weeks the package will disappear somewhere and will appear only at the moment when the client starts to give up the nerves of waiting.

In general, I was not lucky with the mail. Yes, and send mail abroad - a little expensive.

For example, take the Sputnik ultralight tent produced by the well-established company Tramp, which is popular among pedestrians. In my “default” store it costs 2100. I give it to good people for 1800, and it’s already meaningless to lower the price, and only close friends are allowed.

The Ukrainian price for Sputnik, judging by customer stories, comes from 550 hryvnia, and where it’s lower, it’s been there for a hundred years as “out of stock, when it appears, we don’t know.” 550 hryvnia is about 2000 rubles. As you can see, the gain on the price when I buy 10% from me. For ten percent of the buyer, it happens that anyone will break and do anything.

Mail spoils all impression. Sending parcels by cash on delivery to Kiev will cost as much as 700 rubles more than in Zelenograd.

In Belarus, everything is getting worse. There, the average price for Sputnik 3000 Russian rubles. The parcel will fly there for 600 rubles more than Zelenograd.

And this, apart from the fact that tacit and uncommunicative mail will still request 6% of the postal transfer upon receipt of the parcel at the receiving point. As they say, an undocumented feature.

Transportation service I confine myself to the figure: 5,000 rubles. This is the minimum amount for sending to Ukraine, announced by one of the offices.

Variants of the decision. What measures are trying to take now? Trying to find my man at a long turn. With the scale of orders, which I still have, it is very difficult.

Shuttle sometimes wants money comparable to postage. This Auto Trading dips regularly throughout Russia, and he doesn’t care how much what and where. He has a minimum salary - 300 rubles one way. The shuttle needs to beat off every kilogram of weight. Therefore, the tariffs are more substantial.

Shop interested in wholesale purchases. This is much more interesting, but still difficult. On the one hand, judging by the prices, wholesale in Ukraine and Belarus is more expensive. On the other hand, it’s hard for me to see from afar that what they are doing there and how much office A sells to office B above-mentioned C, i.e. tents. Further, judging by the demand, if the buyer comes to me, then the shops do not attract his native “point wa”, and I will try to create the attractiveness of the one who wants to work with me. However, am I attractive for this one? It's like love: I love you, and you love me?

And the third option. I recently outfitted the guys for a bike ride on the visa-free Balkans. The tent case, there is now, say, very much even uphill. And it is possible to kindle fires, and they are allowed to sleep in tents, and do not touch those who spend the night, and in general all the conditions. However, there are not so many offers on the local market, as far as I could find out. Shops are - it's like everywhere else. Yes, tents and equipment are also sold. But only ... either expensive from Finland or cheap from Poland. And the middle segment is not busy. And when not busy middle segment - this is oh. After all, it is people in the middle segment who knock. Looks like I’m calling Skype with Montenegro and their ilk.

In general, sorry for the slight confusion in the presentation. The question for me is still a question. And how to keep it up - we'll see. I decide the question - there will be a topic for writing the form "algorithm for solving the problem."

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