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Blekko: search engine with slash tags (categories)

Finally, the original search engine Blekko , developed under the guidance of Richard Skrenta, was launched for public beta testing.

Richard Skrenta gained fame in hacker circles in 1982, when he wrote the Elk Cloner virus , considered the first mass virus for personal computers (then it was the Apple II). The young talent was only 15 years old, he was in school.

In the late 80s and 90s, Skrent worked at Amiga Unix (Commodore Business Machines), Unix System Labs, and Sun Microsystems (he developed IP-level encryption systems). Later he was one of the founders of the open directory Open Directory Project , which was soon purchased by Netscape. Then he quit and founded the Topix news aggregator, which in 2005 also successfully sold to an American publishing consortium.

The search engine Blekko is its new startup created with the attraction of the investment capital of the former colleague Mark Andressen (the author of the Mosaic browser and the co-founder of Netscape). In general, judging by the background, the project is promising.
Like all previous projects of Skrenta, the search engine Blekko also has a certain “geek” attack. The main feature is the refinement of the search query using slash tags . And clarifying slash tags are offered at the stage of auto-completion. Very convenient and intuitive feature.

It is noticeable that this system is created explicitly under the influence of the above directory Open Directory Project. Everything is structured as much as possible, each slash tag (read the thematic category) has its own editor, and any registered user can create a new slash tag and include sites from the search index. This is something like a “personal themed search engine” that can be made open to all or left closed.

There are already hundreds of themed slash tags. In addition to them, there are slash tags embedded in the system. Here are some examples.

Slashtags add new features to the traditional search. For example, you can enter [bp / liberal] or [bp / conservative] and read about BP from various political points of view. The concept of slash tags is explained in more detail in the video.

This is neither Google nor Bing.

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