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A new book from the STALKER series will be released only on the writer's site.

The famous science fiction writer Alexei Kalugin reported on his official website that he would write a continuation of the novel “Empty Lands”, which appeared in the STALKER series - the most popular book series, which takes place in the world of the Chernobyl zone from the eponymous computer game.

There would be nothing unusual, but the continuation of “Empty Lands” expected by many readers (it will be called “Empty Lands 2: New Firmware”) will be released only on the site. " You wanted to find out what was in the aquarium from the Blind Stalker - you will find out! But only here. On the website. This is the only publication available to all. There are no others and never will be, " the writer says.

The site has already published the first chapter . The rest will appear as you write.
According to Alexei Kalugin, he decided to abandon the paper publication of the new book so as not to be bound by the conditions dictated by the book series . There will be more than enough characters, storylines and “jumps” in time in the new novel. And the story itself will go beyond the usual stories about the Zone and turn all the ideas of readers about this mysterious place.

Obviously, this move by the writer will attract the attention of not only science fiction lovers, but also those who follow the developments around the development of the e-book market in particular and the fate of copyright in the digital age as a whole. Well, at the very least, it can make “paper” publishers think about something.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107345/

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