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% username%, have you already submitted a site for a Runet Rating contest?

image If this question is your answer - "what is it?"


"What is this?", "And I need it," "Yes, in a coffin ..."

This week we opened a new project under the brand "Rating Runet" - competition sites. There is a lot of official information about the competition here , there is no sense in repeating it. I will explain why you decided to do a contest at all.

At the heart of all our projects lies the “portfolio” of a company / product: almost any other indicator is a derivative of what a company does. The question is how to properly evaluate this very “portfolio”.

For several years now we have been preparing ratings using indicators of the credibility of sites from the point of view of search engines. One of the advantages of such a methodology is the absence of a “human factor”. But (and we understood it from the very beginning) there is a downside. Many aspects of the sites do not lend themselves to any automated assessment. Therefore, we made a decision to enter the “competition” - in order to receive another, quite important “metric”.

In preparing the competition methodology, we were guided by the following principles:
1. It should be possible to fully participate in professional teams of any level - from “giants” to relatively small companies.
Therefore, any company in the portfolio of which there are at least 10 projects can submit one application for free. And the cost of participation of the 2nd and following sites is only 1 000 rubles.

2. The maximum possible objectivity of the results.
The jury of each nomination will include a large number of professionals representing both clients and developers. The voting itself will take place in three stages.

3. The practical value of the results of the competition
The competition is held only among professional developers - so its results will become a useful guideline when choosing a partner to develop a site. Moreover, developers with high-quality projects will appreciate it even at the voting stage, because the jury will have many representatives of large client companies.

An attentive reader (and you are such a% username%) will immediately have the right question: why reinvent the wheel? There are already competitions, and some of them have been going on for a single year. Maybe somehow use their results?

None of the relevant contests, in our opinion, responds to the principles fully formulated above. Each of them has its strengths - we just believe that the market needs a competition like the one I described above.

"Not yet"

Applications for participation are accepted until December 31st. You can, of course, pull to the last (which, according to the experience of conducting ratings on RR, will be true for many: the most questions about participation arose then on the last day). But 114 companies with 469 applications “ already yes ”:



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