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Design Challenge 2010

For the past seven years in a row, the largest automakers in America are fiercely competing in the Design Challenge concept car competition. This year, they were joined by teams from Germany and Japan, which gave the competition a lot more excitement and importance.

This year the theme of the competition is green technologies and a reduction in the consumption of natural resources of our planet. The goal is to create the most efficient, lightweight (no more than 1000 kg.) Comfortable and safe car for four passengers. At the same time the car must have good road performance without compromising appearance.
When these models are born it is difficult to say. Manufacturers call vague numbers from 2015 onwards. But now, at the sight of their concepts, as in childhood, something inside fades in anticipation of a miracle.

Let's see what they offer us: (there is less than 5MB)

I will not give detailed descriptions of models. If interested, they can be found at the source . "Photos" of cars there will also be more.

Nissan iV

Our mantra: Innovation For All.

Mercedes-Benz Biome

Honda air


General Motors Cadillac Aera

Volvo Air Motion

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107333/

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