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Google Picasa Virtual Disk

The virtual disk project continues to evolve. As I promised , according to the survey results, it became possible to connect a virtual disk of Google Picasa albums (Flickr is scheduled for a later date). In addition, you can now connect the drive to your private Yandex. Photos service albums. Description of new features and changes in the project under the cut.

The project has acquired a permanent domain vsyc.com .

The work with the virtual disk has accelerated significantly, especially when opening large albums. Unfortunately, the size of all the pictures in the Yandex service had to be set to 1 byte, since the Yandex.Foto API does not inform about the size of the photo file, and determining the size via an HTTP request slows down very much. The Google Picasa API is free from this flaw.

Fixed problems with double expansion of photos containing JPG extensions in the title.
WebDAV service is divided into two parts:

Attention! These links do NOT open in the browser, you must enter the command "net use * link "

For those who do not work SSL (especially in Windows XP), there is an HTTP version of the disk with authorization (http): // dav.vsyc.com /. However, the operation of authorization in Windows XP is not guaranteed, since the implementation of WebDAV in Windows XP leaves much to be desired. In any case, your password is not transmitted in the clear (Digest authentication is used).

Now you can bind your account on Yandex. Photos to disk. To do this, go to the web interface and click the Authorize button in the list of rights. Binding is done via OAuth protocol, your password is not transmitted to the service. You can also deny access to your non-public photos on the Yandex OAuth site at any time.

The photos are not saved on the server, in the pub.vsyc.com version they are not loaded at all by the server, and in the closed version they are given in proxy mode using nginx.

If you have successfully linked your account, then a folder with your login will appear in the root folder of fotki.yandex.ru .

You can read more about setting up and connecting a network drive in the Yandex.Disk Virtual Disk article.

I will constantly expand the list of available services in the project. Therefore, if you want to stay up to date, subscribe to RSS feeds ( Twitter ). In the future, all information will be only in the news on the project website . New posts on Habré is not planned yet.

PS The interface is not very user-friendly yet, but I promise to fix it. Wishes and bug reports you can send to the email address support domain vsyc.com . If authorization does not work for you, try to restart the computer, sometimes Windows somehow strangely caches network disk errors, after which nothing works at all.

According to the test results, it was established that the Yandex Photos API does not allow uploading original photographs with the “hide original” checkbox checked, even when OAuth authentication is presented. Original photographs are available in both open and closed albums ONLY if this option is not installed.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107324/

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