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How and how to start listening to them? Budget solution.

I want to talk a little bit about what podcasts are and how to listen to them. Solely in order to support this necessary and one can say fashion movement. We need a computer with internet access and an mp3 player (or phone). For those who are just starting.


The term "podcasting" ( English podcasting ) is derived from the words iPod and broadcasting. This is a radio and TV broadcast on the Internet, where you don’t have to wait until your favorite program starts

A podcasting channel (podcast) is a kind of “live magazine”, with only audio or video messages. Watch and listen to podcasts can be on the computer or directly on an mp3 player.
Based on iPod.ru materials


An ideal bundle for listening to podcasts can be the following set of simple devices from Apple:

iPod + iTunes + MacBook
However, I want to talk about more budget decisions. If there is no first and second (iPod and MacBook or only MacBook), iTunes is great to be put on the Win platform. It works just as well with podcasting rss feeds as Safari with rss feeds. Nevertheless, there are a couple of problems, it integrates normally only with the iPod player and terribly slows down with a large library of mp3 files (at least for me).

What to do? We take the good old Winamp version 5.1 or higher and some kind of mp3 player (I have a Motorola SLVR), and as Bobuk and Umputun joked in the last podcast, you can take an iPod from iriver.

We install with Media Library and SHOUTcast Wire plugins. Open the Media Library (Alt-L):

1. We have a tab SHOUTcast Wire in the library tree. Click Subscribtions.
2. Click the Add button and add for example the following URL nik-hardy.rpod.ru/rss.xml .
3-4. Winamp will load the podcast feed and display a description for each (5). Click Download on the topic that interests you and wait a bit.
6. Your library will form here. Edit the place where it can be stored in the properties of the plugin Ctrl + P - SHOUTcast Wire - Download Location

And the best part is that by connecting the player to a computer, you can simply drag the downloaded podcasts to your mobile device and listen when it’s convenient.

For example, who am I listening to (mostly hitech, but there are podcasts on a variety of topics). The first Russian podcast terminal is located at http://rpod.ru/ . What we take:

1. Balloon - Boris Borisovich Grebenshchikov personally talks about music aerostat.rpod.ru/rss.xml
2. Umputun from Chicago talks about his not easy job in America (its scope). umputun.rpod.ru/rss.xml
3. Radio T: Bobuk and Umputun improvise on hi-tech topics. They love apples and do not like microsoft. A good bit of humor and healthy criticism (its scope). radio-t.rpod.ru/rss.xml
4. Midnight cowboy from Dallas ( texnews.rpod.ru/rss.xml podcast for a wide audience about history, politics, music, Americans and the moon 8).

Faster: Artem Rosnovsky , Japanese Urban and Yankees after drinking (I love it very much).

Fuh. To start everything. Next yourself. Good luck!

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