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How to burn at the start. Study guide for the loser

Are you a software company manager, a web studio director or a freelancer who wants to go down the drain in a couple of years of doing business? Then the article is for you! I will teach you some terrible mistakes that will slowly and painfully long squander your condition.

Dumping, dumping and dumping again

Spherical customer in a vacuum wants to develop some kind of software product. You, company "A", have decided to participate in the tender for its development. According to your estimates it should cost 100 kilotugrikov. Company “B” estimated the project at 50 kilotugrikov, while company “B” did not understand the terms of reference and rated the project at 5 kilotugriks. You just have to dump, and set the price at 2.5 kilotug. You have to outwit all. This project is very important for you, you and only you can make it. Let a competitor be jealous of your dumping skill level!

In this case, the cost of the project for your company will be 40 kilotugrikam. 10k you threw on force majeure, and the profit was set at 100% of the value received. Total 100 kilotugrikov. Dumping, you will receive -37.5 kilograms of damages. Not bad, quite good. You can still pay a penalty for the failure of deadlines.

Reinvest all available financial resources

If it is possible to reinvest all resources at once, do not think, use this chance immediately! Invest all the money in the financial pyramid, buy shares of the company during the fall of their value, just lend someone all the money. This will have a positive effect on the mood of the workers and will consolidate the team more closely.

Excessive spending

If banal greed has stopped you from the actions described above, then you should try to make investments easier, for example, buy yourself a Lexus. Employees must see that you are a successful businessman. They are imbued with a corporate spirit, they will have another reason to be proud.

Work, negros, the sun is still high

Who works hard, there is no time to earn money. That is why it is worth more often to give overtime work at home, to spend working Saturday and Sunday work. It is better to leave vacations at all. Replace them with a free schedule with a 12-hour workday.

How are you still afloat? Amazing

How to fix it

In the previous article I described the situation with large and small projects. Using the example described in the first tip, I will show where the error in the calculations of many companies is.

Doubtful calculation

It all starts with the fact that the technical task for development is inattentively read. I recently saw a subparagraph that read something like the following: “4.14. Development of the company's document flow. In a certain list, this item is written next to minor functionality. How long will it take to develop? You think that no longer than those little puzzles are near, but in fact this is a giant functionality that the client did not consider it necessary to describe, and so everything is clear and obvious to everyone. And instead of a week of work on your plans you need to spend half a year. Who will pay for it? You.

Reappraisal of forces

Next comes the revaluation of forces. If one person needs to spend a week on one module, then 40 weeks are needed for 40 modules. Some modules are an obvious “copy-paste”, so we can handle it in 25 weeks. Well, five weeks we will throw on the force majeure. Total 30 weeks for 40 modules. We have five programmers, they will do the job 5 times faster, for a total of 6 weeks. We do not take the work of other people into the calculation, since these tasks can be done in parallel. Two months and 100 kilotugrikov in your pocket!


Total 40 kilotugrikov for 2 months.

In reality, everything will be done not in 2 months, but in 6-8. The stock of money will be exactly 4 months. Where 20 more have evaporated - ask the chief.

Choice of two options

You have a choice of two projects. The first is 100 kilotugrikov, the second - 50 kilotugrikov. For which one to take?
Obviously, for the first! Not always true.

You need to take on the one that will bring more profit - you say. If the cost of making the first will be 70 kilotugrikov, and you will spend only 10 on the second, then the profit will be higher for the second. Why such difference? In the first variant, you write the system from scratch, and in the second you resell the ready-made solution with minimal revision costs. It seems everything is logical.

However, there are nuances. The finalization of the second product is insignificant, which means that its value in the market will increase by a small amount. If you run the first project, then its base cost when re-selling will be much higher. It may be that the first option is more profitable, since it is an investment, and the second is the devouring of resources.

Accumulation of resources

Without accumulation there will be no success. The one who does not know how to accumulate funds will never become rich. Yes, you can use the whole fund in the short term, but you should fill it back as soon as possible. Eating all the resources you can easily slip into a zone of loss. The need to make stocks for a rainy day sharply cools the heat of wasting extra money on "knickknacks."

Successful business!

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