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Habraquest with astronautics and geocaching elements [done!]

Based on habrahabr.ru/blogs/DIY/106307 and habrahabr.ru/blogs/popular_science/75150

I am posting a blackover request in mind of a very burning issue.
I launched a helium-filled balloon from the Kaliningrad region with a fotik on board, and he, so-and-so, flew over my entire area, Lithuania, and landed almost at the border with Latvia.
His coordinates : 55.83593 Latitude, 25.87795 Longitude.
It needs to be earlier than others to take it from there. Reward - you will be the first to see pictures from it, but the equipment must be returned (there are things that are dear to me).

It is necessary to search, most likely, to the right of 20 meters, such an aggregate (the first picture)
Of course, in the worst case, the container may have burst, and there is only a beacon lying around, it is such image its size with palm.
Here is the averaged coordinate of www.maps.lt/map/?lang=lt#obj=617640;6190660;Pa%C5%BEym%C4%97tas%20ta%C5%A1kas;&xy=617723,6190645&z=2000&lrs=orthophoto,stops
Here, taking into account the possible shift to the northwest www.maps.lt/map/?lang=lt#obj=617678;6190709;Pa%C5%BEym%C4%97tas%20ta%C5%A1kas;&xy = 6177719.6190690&z= 2000 & lrs = orthophoto, stops

I ask the finder to contact me or with a blackover . My Skype: ale.xr

The composition of the sounder brigade:

1. rodionov writes:
On the 5th I will have free time at ~ 270 km from the place of fall :)
… a little later
Yes, if someone from the Lithuanian habravchan still find him in the near future, he is ready to help move it to Kaliningrad. I can drive either to Vilnius or Kaunas.

2. rpeMJIuH
Tin then what ...
Fortunately, there are acquaintances in the city near (about 40 km from that place), and I myself will pass nearby on the weekends ...
If there is no one - theoretically I can run about by nature ...
... a few hours later ...

It seems that the people who are ready to roll have found it, now they have to run away, on the way over the phone I will agree on little things like paying for fuel.
Wow ... it's so hard to organize such an urgent :)

3. justass
we are almost ready to break from Riga (Latvia) behind your probe :)
(adventure and all that)

4. Lifz
Okay, if before 18:30 there is nothing to change, then we are going ..

UPD GPS tracker is still transmitting coordinates, but today it will stop working forever (due to its peculiarities)
UPD2 Ingestive Drama:

Writes Tant
Hello, just a stranger came to me on Skype, at his request I copy our dialogue, send you a blackover, his skype-login: "**** _ skype".

[12:08:13 | Changed 12:08:21] Blower Kanobi: need as much help
[12:08:22] Sergey Kostyukevich: you hto?
[12:08:38] Blown Kanobi: generally short
[12:08:44] Blower Kanobi: I am not a habr user
[12:08:52] Blowin Kanobi: therefore the whole hemorrhagic
[12:08:56 | Changed 12:11:11] Oduvan Kanobi: Hello, I am writing about the article habrahabr.ru/blogs/DIY/107313/ about the landed experimental probe (astronautics and geocaching) from the Kaliningrad region in Lithuania, please write a topic to the geek in comments (or Jeditobe or blackover) I went there, today is a day off at Catholic countries - not too lazy- Kaunas-Sartai (~ 400 km), there is a swamp (http://www.maps.lt/map/ <- enter coordinates, click paieska, orthophoto - the quality of aero shooting is much higher than that of googlovsky),
They did not find anything: (more on the coordinates of the very center of the viscous swamp, but on the balote there are short grass — they approached the coordinate at a distance of 5 meters — they didn’t find anything like a probe, only a couple of stones, ditches and beavers, closer it was dangerous to go to the bottom , the visibility is normal - there was nothing in the field alone, a few barns and whose private dacha with a freshly dug pond, wandered around with a radius of 100 meters, climbed up the hill, there was nothing like a probe. not go- output coordinates are low current, minus fat a very good topic of a vrteru- when writing for help, leave a mobile number, mail or skype — necessarily! and not a nickname (I am not a habrayuzer, I haven’t learned to go to the astral.) Bo to contact me about specifics - what color is the parachute or how does a container look , to transfer information about the completed search work, too, no one.
If the experimenter has any questions about soap - bugabum eta gmail dot com (give him an invite =) auth.) . It is a pity, but I can no longer help, I did what I could to the maximum.
[12:13:11] Sergey Kostyukevich: um, well, I’ll copy this into a Jeditobe, ok?
[12:13:29] Blower Kanobi: yes thank you
[12:14:12] Blower Kanobi: and if not hard for the blackover experimenter himself.
[12:14:21] Blowin Kanobi: thank you
[12:14:41] Blower Kanobi: as if he had spent half a day, but he had no one to share with him =)
[12:14:53] Sergey Kostyukevich:))

UPD3 They are approaching the goal! habrahabr.ru/blogs/DIY/107313/#comment_3385615
UPD4 FOUND! habrahabr.ru/blogs/diy/107313/?reply_to=3385915#comment_3385803

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107313/

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