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Impressions of Startup Weekend in Petersburg

Startup Weekend in St. Petersburg was vigorous and fun, there were interesting projects. The next time I think, and not to ask for an expert, it was a blessing that I was not an expert, but I consulted some projects :)

And so, closer to the projects that remember.


Regarding video burned Tuganbayev. He told me that TV people would fence the Internet and we would still watch TV! He wants a social network for smart TVs, and even promised to launch it in year 11 (CTC-Media). I went looking for ideas and applications for this network.
The idea is:

The technical limitation of TV channels is the broadcast format 4: 3, the year that way to 17, the format cannot be changed due to the equipment. And on the market and home full of telephones with wide screen and on the sides of such a screen when showing TV there are two bands. And he is not averse to filling these two bands with widgets and applications. It is enough to put the set-top box and on the sides will be:

He also mentioned that yesterday, over a glass of tea, he met with VKontakte members and agreed on something with them. Given that it was on the halloween party, terrible fears ripen in me!

Moreover, they (TV reporters) always know that video content is on TV right now (unlike the same rutube or YouTube, where the maximum that is known about the content is tags to the video, and TV reporters know everything about their content : and the person involved in it, and the year of release, and, most importantly, clearly represent its target audience), respectively, can track the user's tastes and slip something contextual (see the mamba when watching nightly channels).

In addition, Askar spoke about some kind of magic technology that determines who is watching television right now: mom is dad or daughter and plan to introduce this magic technology. The essence of the technology: a gyroscope is built in to the remote control of the tele and by how a person holds the remote, how he is turned can be identified by the remote holder.

Social network

Social networks and projects for social networks was a domination.


There was a twitter project for travel tours. Funny and well developed. In addition, this project is already working (link - in the comments!).

I'm not r

On the Brainstorm, Moreynis invented a social network “I-not-me." Social network for those who hide their identity. Initially, Bobuk joked "they figured out how to monetize two hours!", But everything turned out to be much more interesting:


Augmented reality service to help learn to dance.

The essence of the service:

The video of the dancing figure is displayed on the screen to the music, and the movements of the person are recorded on the webcam. From the video, the silhouette is torn out by which the "skeleton" of the figure is built. This skeleton is tested for compliance with the original (guys, the picture would be from the presentation!).

Further, according to the rokhiro scheme, it is necessary to repeat movements as precisely as possible, otherwise - penalty points. All this - either a social application, or around - a musical social.

I understand that this project took on Tuganbayev - as an example of applications for tele.


Of the interesting social networks, I can’t help but note the “tvorilku” - the social network for needlewomen. The audience is the same as that of littlvane, but there are a couple of moments that make you think that people will go to the service, and that of littlvane, accordingly, a strong competitor may appear.


Social network for advertising. Available in alpha version (the author, if he wants - will give a link).
Saw more on the harvests. Simple, affordable, should go among students. The main problem is people who will negotiate advertising campaigns. Details will not tell - you never know?


There was a social network project for amateur sports. The problem of the guys is that they have this at the level of the idea, and on the harvests I saw two ready-made projects related to this topic.


I understand that this is the project that is gaining a lot of votes on Habré (including from me). In general, the guys were advised to go into applications for social networks. I will not comment, I will observe with interest.

Other projects:


Another curious product is associated with “non-snyazer”: the technology of recognition of faces, movements, etc.

These guys already have face recognition products and a mashup of two faces (two faces are taken and the average is done for them, they thought to promote as entertainment “what kind of child will I have with it”).

Accordingly, they decided to try to work with the "non-stilt" on the recognition of the silhouette.

House under the Eye / All at a Wedding

Just an interesting project, it is a pity that half of it was not at the final presentation.

The bottom line:

B2C, the organization of video broadcasts. Want to have a video of what's happening at home? Want to see your wedding relatives from another city?

Mind it!

Service opinions. You need to try to get them involved with the visualization from FreshChallenge.
Formal description: “The service, in which the search is carried out in various social networks among your contacts. You can find out the opinions of friends about anything. And the priority will be the search for all your contacts on all social networks (in which there is a person) ”and presentation .

tree of knowledge

A very strange product, actually competing with the development of a site by a familiar student. Unclear. Not torknulo.


Initially, they positioned themselves somewhere near the grupon / Darberry. Then Bobuk took over the project, asked him on Twitter to tell him how he was received. Unfortunately, I listened to the presentation, I wonder what model they finally came to.

Your books

Another project under Bobuk’s patronage. Everything is very simple: the service, behind which there is a printing house, in which you can print a book from your file. My opinion: they would integrate with gift sites and provide not just a book printing service, but a service of deep customization of the book, right down to the content. That it was possible not just to print a book, but such a book to donate was not trivial. Embed audio postcards, audio bookmarks, for example. You open a turn - bang! Background music is playing. And especially for the person for whom the book. And so far - boring.


The bottom line: a service where you can throw a company on a crate of beer.
Superficial impression: go somewhere between group accounting and social programs.
Superficial sensation: a service that will separate people (and I contributed so much! I am better!), Something needs to be done with this.


A man burned about democracy! Political project.


Advertising social games through social games. It looks unconvincing. I talked on the sidelines, I advised to try to make advertising social programs in applications for smartphones (and applications should be associated with these social networks).

Service for the selection of temporary staff

Slave trade! Powerful project for students who want to earn some money. Very, very vain they did not show the presentation at the end. I was personally impressed. Ready to help :)


Independent audio podcasting. Already a finished project. It's funny that a person is sick for him. It is not cool that I did not see the original idea. With this we need to do something. If there is no original idea, then you need to somehow segmented by market.


Voluntary botnet for load testing servers. How do you, huh?
The project was only at the presentation, but I remember :)


Entries in beauty salons. The idea is just in the air! Saw a similar, but with a more intelligible monetization system and traced business process on the harvests.

Fifteen in the city

Play offline with geolocation tools. A sort of augmented reality prototype. In the future, they promise a platform for any games with GPS and geolocation.


it was delicious!

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