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Beeline will do online shopping from 12,000 rubles and 1 day?

Once I have already said that the niche of creating websites is becoming less and less attractive for those who do not want to engage in "assembly line".

Such a business doesn’t scale well, it requires a lot of costs for customer service, all sorts of design approvals, “moving the logo”, and with an insufficiently competent employee “on the other side”, also a lot of time for educational campaign.

With the service of creating sites, what is called commodization occurs. Standardized, mass and cheap products with minimal service - this is what will reduce costs and scale up the business. And the provision of services in the SAAS model is also to receive money monthly, and not once.
And here is the confirmation of my words: bee-cms.ru

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107294/

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