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Overview of courier services for the online store - 2

A few months ago, I conducted a small study that compared various courier services (CS) that offer various services for online stores. After several months, I decided to see how the situation has changed, whether new players have appeared on the market, and whether prices have changed.

For writing the first article I visited the sites of companies and collected information from there. This time I decided to go the other way and give the companies the opportunity to tell about themselves. Unfortunately, the attempt failed - only 4 companies out of 15 answered. Honor and praise to them - Navigator Courier , Axiomus , O-Courier , UniExpress .

Briefly about the pros and cons of similar KS, which so make life easier for online stores, as soon as opened, and already large, formed. Although they are taken from the previous article, it is better to keep everything in one place.

Advantages of the COP:

Pros in the presence of cash services:

Cons of the COP:

At first, I thought to re-collect information from the sites of the COP, but decided not to do too much work and give information only about those companies that were not too lazy to tell about themselves.

It will be much easier for us to evaluate the COP by a summary table. Delivery calculations were made on the basis of the weight of the shipment = 2 kg .
All information was provided by the representatives of the companies, was not subject to editing.

Looking at this table, we see that each company has its pros and cons. Here both the old-timers of this market O-Courier, and the young, but ambitious Navigator Courier are presented.

In the comments to this topic, I will be glad to see reviews about these companies, as well as stories about other COPs that did not make this review.

From myself I can only add the fact that I chose Navigator Courier for my online store. This company still has room to strive for; they are not yet ready to provide some services, but I was struck by their flexibility and attitude towards customers (both to the online stores and to the customers).

And I suggest you choose the most optimal option for yourself. I spoke to representatives of each of these companies, and they all made a very good impression on me.

I made my choice, and you?

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