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Facebook updates partner policy with user personal information.

More recently, computer security experts drew the attention of the Internet community to the fact that on Facebook it is quite easy for a third party to get detailed information about a specific user — this is done through the use of certain applications. Of course, the fact that private information becomes available to a third party is often the fault of the users themselves, who fully open their accounts, but this is not a reason for such data to be shared. In any case, experts from Facebook think so.

The other day, Facebook management announced that this problem will be solved both in a technical and purely legal way. The technical method provides ways to block the transfer of user data from applications to third parties, such as ad networks. In addition, Facebook, according to the guide, is now working with communities and companies creating browsers to find additional methods to solve the problem.
All Facebook partners who work with user data are now obliged to comply with the terms of the supplementary agreement stipulating the terms of use of data of users of social networks. The company also analyzed the methods of transferring user data to third parties, and in the course of this analysis, it turned out that many developers simply sold the collected data to those who offered the maximum price.

Now, all applications hosted on Facebook will be analyzed by social networking experts, who will make a verdict whether this application is safe in terms of user data confidentiality. It is worth recalling that two US congressmen recently raised this issue - and it seems that Facebook did respond to an open letter written by politicians. Probably, there is also a desire to be further promoted by these congressmen, but Facebook did begin to do something so that user data is not transferred to a third party.

According to the Wall Street Journal, many approved applications on Facebook actually collected user data, and in some cases, friends' user data, then passing the collected information to advertisers and other companies that created databases with hundreds of thousands of people. These bases, as you might guess, were then sold over the Internet. Even companies that have created the most popular applications on Facebook have been involved in such things - these are FarmVille, Texas HoldEm Poker and FrontierVille applications.

Let's hope that with the introduction of new rules, something will really change, and for the better.

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