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NASA will send people to Mars without hope of return

Back in February of this year, news appeared on Habré, which described the proposal of the American physicist Paul Davis to send astronauts to Mars with a one-way ticket. Thus, Davis argued, one can save considerable financial and material resources - up to 80% of the resources if not to send the settlers back. And then such an expedition will be within the powers of the combined forces of several countries. The sum of 10 billion dollars was voiced (agree that this is not such a large amount for such a purpose — much larger funds are allocated to the needs of the US Army over the year). So, this plan may well become a reality - in NASA they talk about it as a completely realistic project. And work on the project has already begun!

So, the project was named Hundred-Year Starship, and it really will be a ship that will send settlers from Earth to other planets. Of course, the settlers will know that they will not be able to get back to Earth - but as it turned out, there are not so few people willing to go on such an expedition. Now, only 1 million 100 thousand US dollars have been allocated to the project, but this is only for developing a plan, more significant influences are possible in the future - and funding will come from wealthy corporations (for example, Google).
Currently, electrical power plants are being studied, which will be able to provide a reliable supply of energy to settlers. In the case of settling down to Mars, they will send various things that the settlers need, but they will not send the settlers home. Scientists compare the project itself with the settlement of North America by Europeans, because then, too, no one expected to return home ever. True, sending to Mars is a slightly more complicated project than the settlement of another continent, it is impossible not to agree with this.

One of the founders of the project said that Larry Page, one of the founders of Google, hinted at a possible help from the corporation in the amount of 1-2 billion dollars.

Now NASA scientists are studying the possible reaction of people to isolation from relatives and friends throughout their lives. As mentioned above, the overall development of a plan for settling Mars by “defectors” is underway, and in general, the Hundred-Year Starship project looks more and more realistic. Let's hope that everything will not end with conversations and beautiful three-dimensional models on display on TV.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107285/

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