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Unifying and destructive internet

Recently I read an article about the statements of the chief architect of Microsoft Ray
Ozzy on building on cloud computing tasks and simplifying
devices to connect users. It all resembles the development of

Once we programmed on large EU machines and for
data used simple terminals. Studying in the MEPI in the 80s, we still
used punch cards to enter our program code for processing in the EU. AT
In the early 1990s, we received the first personal computer of the 286 series and
were happy. We had a doer who locked the computer in the safe and gave out
its strictly on schedule. Now in my family, one and a half computers per member
families, including a four-month baby. And technological progress leads us to
A new round of spiral - cloud services that will allow processing
tasks faster and cheaper. And the Internet in this case plays a unifying role.
This is great, just great. Enough to have at home unpretentious
computer, and all applications can be used via the Internet. Is coming
one more qualitative leap in information technology. We will all be
jump with happiness!

Now it's time to talk about the destructive power of the Internet. Have you ever
watched the movie "The Dead Season"? Let me remind you that a movie about
a scout seeking former Nazi doctors who invented gas for
management people. For some reason, the whole Internet reminds me of one big gas one.
camera filled with gas to control people. Moreover, gas is often released
poor quality. By the way, the Nazis took into account that a man-robot should be happy
all the time. I understand that it is beneficial for the capitalist to have a human robot. I think,
that if there was an opportunity they would fully automate all processes, and
people were given just chowder every day and some kind of sleeper. The Internet -
the perfect tool to make a human robot. Inside social networks you can
get to each brain individually, and through Youtube show
ideologically directed material.

The destructive power of the internet is that the more we use it,
the more lonely we become. I have a lot of friends who order food
and buy food and clothing over the Internet, so as not to drive around Moscow
traffic jams. They also communicate a lot on social networks, and if you need to talk,
then use skype. Everything! Man no longer needs to leave the house. He can
live inside your home. Our grandmothers talk on the bench near the entrance, and
today's young people in old age will communicate via Facebook. And I notice that
A person's consciousness is changing, only until I can understand in which direction.
We are also in some way making a feasible part in the destructive force.
the internet. On the one hand, our project for an online consultant on
website www.RusTalk.net < www.rustalk.net > helps to find another channel
communication between buyer and seller. But on the other hand, we offer
technologies that allow you to organize a large company where employees
work at home. The company can be geographically separated, overhead
reduced to a minimum due to transfer to the regions with a minimum wage
fee. And so all these operator people become cogs in some
the mechanism. By the way, companies can play a huge social role if
take on the role of operators of disabled people who can not leave the house.

There is still much controversy surrounding the issue of nuclear energy. One side
it provides unlimited opportunities in the energy sector, on the other hand -
the destructive power of the atomic bomb.
And here is a question by analogy: Is it good that the Internet has appeared or is it bad? Question
very serious and not having a definite answer. I'm especially serious about this.
thought now, when I see that my son spends so much time in
Internet, zombie his brain. But maybe you need to relax? Maybe this
new generation of people? I invite you to take part in the discussion: Internet
destroys or unites?

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