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Screen brightness adjustment in Meego 1.1 on Samsung 210

Users of samsung n210 / 150/220 are familiar with the problem of not being able to adjust the brightness of the linux display out of the box.
Especially, I was upset by this finding the same problem in the freshly emitting meego 1.1 , which is otherwise almost perfect for me as a netbook distribution.
The problem is known and solved.
For example here:

But the best solution is to put the appropriate kernel module, it was described rather sparingly, which I will try to fix in this article.

We all say thank you Comrade Voira. He wrote the driver specifically for users of the Samsung netbook. True, he designed it only for ubunts, but this should not confuse us. Everything below is applicable to freshly installed meego 1.1.

Download launchpad.net/~voria/+archive/ppa/+files/samsung-backlight_0.13.3~ppa1~loms~maverick.tar.gz

Open the terminal and go where downloaded.


tar -xzvf samsung-backlight_0.13.3~ppa1~loms~maverick.tar.gz

Now we need to put the kernel source and compiler:

sudo zypper in kernel-netbookk
sudo zypper in gcc

Go to the directory where the driver was unpacked. And there in the samsung_backlight-0.13.3 directory


A bunch of new files will appear in the catalog, but we only need samsung-backlight. It is our driver. Now you need to drag it to all drivers.

cp samsung-backlight.ko /lib/modules/
chmod 744 /lib/modules/

Now you need to reboot. After that, / sys / class / backlight / samsung should appear through which the backlight brightness is controlled. Plus, the brightness adjustment should work with the arrows and through the slider in Devices

PS a fresh update meego brought a new kernel so I had to repeat and put the driver in /lib/modules/

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107281/

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