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Epic 4G turned into a gaming console

Continuing the theme of experiments with mobile devices of our company, I present to you the next handiwork from the USA, which is a Samsung Epic 4G gaming mod (Galaxy S version with WiMAX, CDMA and QWERTY-keyboard support).

As it becomes clear from the video, the main and only change in the device was his QWERTY-keyboard, which the author of this idea has improved in favor of using it as a gamepad. According to the author of the mod, Swype is enough for typing, which is shown on the video at the beginning.

In general, this is an expected alteration of this kind of device, all the conditions for it are met - there is a convenient way to enter the screen (actually, which all users of the same Galaxy S use), and a keyboard that can be used, and a sufficient number of Android games for the validity of such a step. The matter remains only with the desire, the presence of the apparatus itself and direct hands.
The final form of the device turned out like this:

And here is a link to the article of the author himself, which details the modding process itself.

Of course, the warranty on the phone was lost, but this is the personal choice of the author of this material. Of course, we in no way advise you to do the same with any technique and always remember that the reliability of the device is primarily in your respect for it, only if the instructions do not indicate the opposite :)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107265/

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