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Adobe launches in support of AIR technology ... bus!

In 24 days, a bus with 12 Adobe employees and technology evangelists will leave for the cities and villages of the United States. For nearly two months, field developers will be able to listen to free lectures and meet with fathers and monsters Flex, Flash, AIR.

Like real rock stars, the guys will be touring in a comfortable 12-seater bus, which is planned to be seriously modernized by the beginning of the tour.
API tour will be available, as well as RSS and live video from performances.

The tour partners were such well-known companies like Akamai, eBay, O'REILLY, Yahoo developer network.

You can learn more about the tour on the official website .

It remains only to envy the American developers in a good way. Although I am sure that any serious Russian company could also arrange similar tours to please local users.

Ps. They even bought a CO2 quota by bus while driving. Serious comrades :)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10726/

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