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Habrahabr: some statistics and alternative top questions and answers

I liked to analyze Habr ( ) so much that I decided to analyze the recently created Habr section: questions and answers. Already, it is clear that this section will be as fun as the rest.

So, I analyzed 1775 questions and it turned out such statistics:

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Question Ratings

Answer Ratings

Information for consideration

Average number of replies: 4.3 responses
Average grade question: +1.9
Average answer rating: +0.95
Average number of favorites: 1.71

Top questioners

User NameNumber of questions

Top responders


Top 10 by the number of answers

What would you improve or change in the Habrahabr interface?46
How to stop reading Habr?46
What internet resource is popular in your city?37
What to do to the bored programmer?thirty
Recommend PHP editor27
There was a desire to learn something else. Ruby or Python?26
Please advise "Task Manager"26
Advise a good software for project management + bugtracker + version control26
What kind of Linux put on eight-year atlon?25
Question to gamers for 3021

Top 10 by the number of answers and comments

0What would you improve or change in the Habrahabr interface?116
0How to stop reading Habr?103
+3There was a desire to learn something else. Ruby or Python?101
0What to do to the bored programmer?86
+5Question to gamers for 3072
+13Should I develop a new programming language?62
-oneRecommend PHP editor60
+29How to increase karma?55
+68Migration to USA for programmer51
-7What internet resource is popular in your city?51

Top 10 by count of favorites

“Mom, I want to be a programmer”67
Culinary sites :)40
Torrent trackers with scientific and educational literature40
Advise books on the basics of UI33
SMS notifications29
How to learn PHP / mysql28
Advise a good book (books) on designing software architecture. Beginner-intermediate26
Basic Mathematics Books24
What books should be read to learn how to develop for iPhone / iPad?23
Migration to USA for programmer22

Top 10 Answers

What is Habr written on?
Sometimes it seems to me that on the knee ... (special hello to the habr-parser!)
How to download letters back to the mail server?
Sorry, I could not resist - reminded me of the question "How to upload a file back to the Internet - I don't need it anymore."
What to do to the bored programmer?
You have a crisis of transition to a new level. The algorithm is universal.
1. Sit back and ask yourself the question: “What have I achieved in the area in which I am working?”. Start calmly respond. Most of the response deleted
Where can I find a remote prog on $ 500 per month?
I'm listening to you :)
How to stop reading Habr?
Add to / etc / hosts line habrahabr.ru
What are the left padding 40px in the comments for?
to become ugly and uncomfortable clear
How to increase karma?
talk less about karma, do more good, useful things:
- Write helpful comments
- Finding typos / errors in the text of the article - send them to the author personally
- Answer questions in q & a
- keep up the good work
How to choose a program for storing and managing passwords?
I use KeePass. Fits clauses 1-3, I don't know about 4
How to stop reading Habr?
Lead the girl
Tell me about the "+" in the email?
+ and everything farther from it to @ - is simply ignored. This is very convenient because it allows you to have countless addresses in one box. Most of the response deleted


For those interested : a self-made batch file and wget were used for downloading pages, for the analysis of topics - all the same self-written batch file + manual editing. In the end, everything ended up using sorting in OpenOffice.Org.

The results in the form of tables can be found here:

PPS : So, I like to analyze Habr. I can do every month statistics and alternative top habr for the month (topics and questions / answers) and carefully spread it here. Who agrees?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107256/

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