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Mobile phone used by Yemeni terrorists

Lenta.ru :
On October 28, the special services of the United States and several other countries prevented a major terrorist attack. Two parcels of explosives addressed to Jewish religious organizations in Chicago were intercepted at airports in London and Dubai. It has been established that the Yemeni cell "Al Qaeda" is behind the failed attack. Barack Obama promised to destroy this cell.


If you look closely at this snapshot of the bomb, which was allegedly sent from Yemen to Chicago, you can see in the corner of the board something resembling a small camera. On the bottom of the volume button, and the silver area seems to be the place where the battery was located. It is clear that this is a mobile phone, but I wonder what kind of phones the terrorists use?

Initially, it may seem that this is one of the younger models of Nokia or Motorola, but we must remember that this should be a phone that will work all over the world, it should be able to connect to American operators.

Judging by the small inscription "D321" on the bottom of the board and the location of the cameras and components, our test subject is similar to Lemon Duo 321, a phone with two SIM-cards and two cameras in front and behind. Interestingly, this phone is released quite recently, and is available as an OEM device for sale to various operators around the world.

Here is an excerpt from the product description:
The new Lemon Duo 321 is a stylish mobile phone equipped with two SIM slots and having 2 interchangeable color back panels included. The default panel is lemon-colored, but you can replace it with blue or magenta. Lemon Duo 321 is equipped with a 2.2-inch screen, a video player, an FM tuner, an expansion slot for memory cards up to 4 GB and an application for access to social networks Lemon Twist, which allows you to get quick access to Yahoo, Nimbuzz and Facebook.

Didn't the bomb makers think that such a specific device used for explosives would provide information and reach their mark much faster? Logs, registries and other identifying information are likely to point to the place or even the buyer of this phone, and it can be hoped that an assessment of how this device was built will help protect us from its likes.

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UPD commentators to this original article were right - this is 100% Nokia 6120c. Perhaps Lemon Duo was created on the basis of this phone, they are very similar.

As it turned out earlier, the topic was actively discussed here .

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