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Mozilla brings Firefox 4 RC to early 2011

Despite the fact that the release of the seventh beta release of Firefox 4 is currently delayed by almost 6 weeks, Mozilla said that the pace of development of the new version of the browser has not slowed down. However, the initial release schedule of the browser may have been too optimistic.

The release date of Firefox 4 Beta 7, with all the stated features, is scheduled for September 17, and was moved to the beginning of November. Mozilla spokesman Mike Belzner said that the new beta will not be released until it is fully ready. At the time of this writing, there were still 14 critical errors hindering the release of the new release. However, Mike describes frequent beta releases as useful and notes that Mozilla is planning another beta release before the end of December.

The estimated release date of the release candidate of the 4th version of one of the most popular browsers is now the beginning of 2011. The final release will follow almost immediately after him. However, these dates are still subject to change.
Anyone who wants to keep track of changes happening in Firefox can follow the browser’s nightly builds. According to Belzner, the changes will affect the user interface, graphics and layout display functions, as well as the JavaScript engine, which has recently been significantly improved.

“The result should be the fastest and most functional version of Firefox, which will provide more speed and flexibility for web applications and end users,” Beltsner wrote on the Firefox developer forum. According to him, the completion of this large work took longer than indicated in the initial estimate, due to the fact that a decrease in productivity and some sources of instability were noticed.
Considering the circumstances, many hoped that Microsoft would release another beta version of Internet Explorer 9 or even the final release of a new browser before that time. But at the PDC 2010, only IE9 Platform Preview 6 was introduced.

This version still has an unfinished user interface, and the claimed hardware acceleration is not always used. The most noticeable improvements in 2D rendering with HTML5 and standards support. Overall, the progress in developing the 9th version of Internet Explorer is impressive and the company plans to focus on HTML5. According to Steve Ballmer, the beta version of Explorer 9 was downloaded 10 million times, making it the most popular beta version in the entire history of Microsoft.

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