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New technologies in cheat? Fraud?

I do not know which blog will be the most correct to post this message, but insofar as the facts discussed below caused a storm of emotions in me, I write here (upd: transferred to “Live Journal” from “I Disgust”).

It all started when I recently clicked on a link from Habr to one LiveJournal, which described the creation of a 90-terabyte repository, and waiting for the mass of photos accompanying the article and their downloads, I went away to drink tea. What was my surprise when I returned a few minutes later I found a significant devastation of my balance. However, realizing that the number of photos in the article, which turned out to be very insignificant, could not take so much money from me, I began to understand. And found the cause.

Which faced again, a day later.

Everything went according to a similar scenario, this time following the article link .
Critical vulnerability on the tax website , I noticed a rapid decrease in the amount of money in the account. Because the reason was already known, I knew where I could quickly confirm my guesses. Indignation knew no bounds!

See for yourself:

Log window of the local proxy server. Red highlighted the reason for the sharply increased traffic:

Search for selected lines in code:

And here is what a seemingly innocuous comment looks like:

I think you should not comment on these screenshots.
In the first case, the method of deception was similar.

It seems that in this way the number of downloads of certain trailers (or other content) is “pumped over”.

In our area, Internet rates are more than not modest. In my case - 2.5 rubles per megabyte, and it is still cheap. But in any case, no matter how much it costs, I think you will be sadly wasting your money.

The most unpleasant thing in this situation is that it is almost impossible to track such activity, especially for most users.
Well, let's say I have a local proxy where you can put a filter and thereby try to bypass a similar joke, but how to be a majority? And you can lose a lot of money in this way.

Be carefull!

ps: maybe this is needed in another blog?

UPD 1 (31/10/10): Transferred from “I resent” to “LJ” in order to open the possibility to read without registration.
UPD 2: This is a “simple” (not mobile) Internet with a tariff with MBP (not unlimited).
UPD 3: Sent a request in support of LiveJournal. They advised to contact the conflict commission.
UPD 4 (02/11/10): The request went to the conflict commission, we are waiting for its decision and response. I would like an adequate response and positive action.
UPD 5: Comment-explanation of the Kinopoisk administrator
UPD 6: The answer came to the call from the caliper LJ: arteman - " Thank you for the reminder. Information about this problem is transferred to the developers. This mechanism will be taken into account as part of the anti-spam project. Please accept apologies for the inconvenience. "

UPD 7 (02/12/10): there is a result! Recently, a new release of LiveJournal was released , # 73 , in which I am very much! pleased with the list of changes! Namely: “Comments containing an image (img tag), the path to which (src) does not indicate an image, will automatically disappear after publication.” Great news! So nice. Not from the fact that “I”, but from the awareness that you were heard (thanks to the programmers and LJ caliper!) And took into account! And even more - from the fact that it was decided!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107242/

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