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Facebook bought Drop.io

More precisely, I acquired most of the assets of the company that owns this resource, which automatically means gaining control over the service. Interestingly, the Facebook management announced that it is more interested in developers from Drop.io than the technologies used by the service. Drop.io is a social site for storing files, including documents, videos and other digital content. The user can independently determine the file storage time on the service, after which the file will be deleted. In addition, you can set permissions to view or download, plus “sharing” files in many ways, including Facebook itself.

Drop.io is positioned as a real-time collaboration service, because you can upload files that other users will immediately see without having to refresh the page. In addition, if several people work with one file at once, they can communicate with each other in several ways, including an integrated instant messaging service.
After the purchase, Drop.io will terminate the service. So far, neither the buyer nor the purchased company voices what will happen to the technology itself - whether all of this will be integrated into a social network, or it is not clear whether it will develop in any other way.

The purchase was announced on the Drop.io blog. The founder of this service, Sam Lessin, also announced that he is joining the Facebook team. The management of the latter said that the social network is very pleased with such cooperation, and hopes for further development of the service within the social network. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, this means stopping Drop.io as a standalone service. Within a few weeks, users will not be able to create their own “drops”, that is, upload files to the server.

Users working for free will be able to work until November 15. Owners of paid accounts will be able to work with Drop.io until December 15, 2010. Probably not everyone will like it, but what to do - buying is buying.

It would be interesting to find out Facebook’s plans for the development of this service - although the option of changing drop.io technologies in favor of some functions useful for the social network may well be considered.

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