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Google has spent $ 1.6 billion on company purchases in the past 9 months

This year, almost every week on the Web, information appeared that Google had acquired one or another company that had become one of its divisions after the purchase. In fact, the report of the corporation, published this Friday, shows that Google has bought 40 companies over the past nine months. At the same time was spent 1.6 billion dollars - you see, few companies show the same activity.

Most were spent on the acquisition of three companies: AdMob, acquired for 681 million dollars, Slide, purchased for 179 million and On2 Technologies - for which the corporation has paid 123 million US dollars. In addition, by the end of September of this year, transactions were concluded for the purchase of another 37 other, smaller companies, for which Google posted another 626 million dollars.
Interestingly, back at the beginning of this year, Google’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, joked that the corporation plans to open its checkbook in 2010. And yet once again, his joke was not a joke at all, but quite serious plans.

The total amount of acquisitions this year could be even more if one of the transactions would not be interested in the US Antimonopoly Committee. This is a software company ITA, for which Google was ready (readiness remains today) to pay a tidy sum of 700 million dollars in July. Antimonopolschiki are currently investigating this transaction, and according to the results of the investigation it will be known whether the transaction will take place or not. However, according to company management, in this case it is a question of a lengthy investigation, which is unlikely to be completed before the first half of 2011.

Of course, with the income that we see from Google, these purchases are unlikely to hit the company. But the acquisition of promising startups can significantly increase the profitability of Google assets.

By the way, if you wish, you can read the full text of the financial report of the corporation here - there is a lot of interesting information.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107238/

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