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Advise jabber-server

I think the problems with ICQ are already pretty tired of everything. Yesterday, for example, the server login.oscar.aol.com, for which many clients were configured, stopped working completely.

And finally, we matured. But first you need to make the right choice.

Of the requirements:

Openfire, ejabberd, djabberd and a number of other, less worthy ones caught my eye.

By the way, if it would be possible to fasten the displayName attribute from LDAP, it would be chocolate.

As a client, I have already decided - Pandion did not find anything better (he supports NTLM), easy and convenient. For it comes msi-installer, convenient for automating the installation.

They say that Pidgin also supports NTLM, but it needs to be patched.
Because The process of installing clients needs to be automated; you need a solution out of the box.

I would like to hear your comments and “lessons of life”, i.e. problems encountered in operating conditions.

Ps. The topic is somewhat intertwined with this one , but the requirements are somewhat different.

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