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HTML5 graphics benchmark - check your browser

Accustomed to beautiful 3DMark benchmarks to test the performance of your video cards? Meet the new beautiful browser benchmark - WebVizBench . This benchmark of browsers performance was written by guys creating a beautiful site for radio kexp.org. The test materials are the records that the radio station is spinning, and all visualizations will be used in the new site design.


This benchmark uses HTML5 technology to richly render web pages. Browsers that support GPU-accelerated HTML5 graphics will show excellent results in it. Check yours!
Browsers that do not support the display of video with the h.264 codec, respectively, will not show all the tests correctly, but will nevertheless pass them without video. Try launching a browser with h.264 video support for full testing.

The result is the latest IE9P6 on my laptop.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107231/

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