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Bynet 2.0. My report.

As promised, I submit my report in theses. The topic of the report is “Web standards in the light of the new generation of the Web . I would be glad to discuss my report with you. Perhaps you will see here something extra or something missing, be sure to write about it. Actually, I am waiting for comments.
  1. Introduction. Selection of problematic issues.
    • What are webstandards?
    • What are the new generation Web 2.0 sites?
    • What are the benefits of web standards in the new generation of websites?

  2. The current state of affairs in the network.
    • Morally obsolete code in modern web development.
    • Obstacles to the widespread adoption of web standards.

  3. The introduction of web standards in the process of developing a new generation of sites.
    • The philosophy of separation of structure, representation and behavior.
    • We are patient and change our thinking.
    • Markup Semantics
    • The syntactic correctness of the document (well-formed).
    • XHTML syntax rules (valid).
    • Conformance of the document (conformance).

  4. Increased availability of content of new generation sites.
    • Disabled users.
    • The variety of environments display documents.

  5. Consideration of examples.
    • Opening the popular Web 2.0 project. What will bring the use of web standards.
    • Technology presentations Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System (s5).

This is the third edition of the report, I still could not tie it to the conference topic =), well, now, it seems, it was possible.


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