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Gettings Things Postponed - Putting Aside for Later

Everyone says that putting things off is bad, what should be done here and now. Unfortunately, in life is not so categorical, and in work, too. Sometimes circumstances force you to postpone. For example, the battery sat on the phone and call my mother now will not work. Or do cross-domain authentication, because the certificates are not ready yet, but you need to do it.

And if something is postponed (except for fifty dollars per beer), then there is a risk to forget about it. Therefore, I made for myself and I hasten to share with everyone - gtp.max2.me

The link is a simple form:
- What to postpone
- Why do we postpone (optional, who likes to voice excuses?)
- your email
- How much to postpone (hours, days, weeks, etc.)

As the time comes, GTP will send a reminder email.

And since there is no confidence in start-ups and micro-applications nowadays (die like flies, often), you can get a link to all your reminders in ical format and subscribe to it via Google Calendar or some Outlook thread.

I would be glad if it would be useful to someone else.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107227/

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