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Step to the perfect Droidpad - CSL Spice M700

Despite the fact that, at first glance, the market is littered with Android tablets, a closer look reveals that all of these tablets are of rather poor quality and poor in both capabilities and the hardware used.

Strictly speaking, if you do not take into account the notorious “Chinese iPads” with two SIM cards and a TV , then today you can only choose from the Samsung Galaxy Tab, for a frankly awkward price.

However, not everything is so bad at second sight, and a tablet for Android has emerged on the market, which, perhaps, is the best approximation to the ideal “droid”.

In September, sales of a 7-inch “droid” by CSL began in Malaysia (which, I remind you, is itself one of the serious pro-micros of microelectronics in South-East Asia).

Briefly about the characteristics:

The physical manufacturer of the OEM “platform” is Foxconn, the same one that, as an OEM manufacturer, does a lot of different systems and devices for various companies, including the iPhone, iPad for Apple, and even, as I recall, some HP servers, so with “ production culture "everything is in order.

CSL plans to sell these devices in the market of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, where it has its presence as a brand of mobile phones. But the same device is offered to Foxconn and other brands for regional sales. Foxconn itself does not plan to sell the platform on its own behalf, limiting itself to OEM production for customers such as CSL.

For example, a similar device called the Olivepad VT100 was intended to start selling in the summer by the Olive company in India, and under the name Viewsonic Viewpad 7 it may appear on the European market.

However, CSL Spice M700, in contrast to those listed, is already sold freely.

Since I am now on business in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, I had the opportunity recently to twist this device "live" and get a direct impression.

I really liked the high quality of workmanship, this is not a rootless Chinese vendors "from alibaba", there are also some here, I took them for comparison. Well, what to say. "Penny" is also a machine, in certain conditions. :)
I myself was for a short time the owner of SmartQ V, which, fortunately, managed to get rid of a good discount (I hope the new owner liked it more than me), and decided not to get involved with “Chinese iPads” in any form. However, this is another matter.

"You take in hand - you ma'am thing!"

The tablet is made in a very nice “iPhone 4 style” (I don’t mean “one button”, which is already starting to get, as in its time, “translucent mice” that were copied by all “China”), that is, light, metallic to the touch frame with pronounced "edges" on the perimeter, and a smooth black "glass" from the "face" and "rear".
Aesthetically, it looks very nice, even talking funny about any “backlashes and squeaks”. Thing.

Right - the conclusion of the dynamics. Hole above - phase inverter. Joke.


Below on the right is a microUSB, a headphone jack (3.5 ") or a bundled wired headset, a built-in microphone and a cutting hole.


Above - two buttons and a lockable flap with slots for SIM and microSD.


On the left - the second speaker and the power button. image

Inside already familiar Android 2.2 Froyo, and the Android Market is present.
Despite the fact that the “frequencies” of the processor seem to be low, everything works without visible brakes, everything scrolls, scrolls and “multitasks” without any brakes in the interface, which is most striking in contrast to the “Chinese iPads”, which have really trouble

There is Mobile Tethering (in the store through a demo pad and its 3G HSDPA local distribution of the Internet is launched;). The bundled software gives Document to Go and GPS software MapKing (a detailed map for Malaysia, maybe there are others, not watched). And of course the standard set of GMail, Google Maps, Youtube App, and so on. Since Malaysia is a Muslim country, the set includes programs for targeting Mecca (using the built-in compass) and an “alarm clock” with time synchronization for daily traditional prayer.

The official page on the site CSL.

A matte film is regularly pasted on the screen, which does not glare, and on which fingerprints are not left (hello, ipad!), It comes with a convenient case in the form of a folder with a tablet holder.

From the control on the “face” on the right, there are 4 sensory “areas” (back, menu, and so on), pressing on which is marked with a short vibration signal, plus two “hardware” buttons on the top.

The sale began in September, and there are already several videos on Youtube, including the traditional “unboxing” , a story about a set of software and a demonstration of the interface.

Price: 1599 RM (Malaysian ringgit), which roughly corresponds to 515 USD at the current rate, which is pretty good for such a device, in such a rich "configuration". With such a device, it is already possible, if desired, to align the iPad.

Briefly: Screen 7 "vs. 9.8" on the iPad, respectively, less resolution (800x480 vs. 1024x768). Processor 600MHz ARM9-family vs. 1GHz ARM11-family.

Next: 3G in the database. You can call as on a regular phone. There is a full microSD expansion slot, the storage capacity of the device can be expanded by the user. Two cameras, one VGA with a “face” for 3G video calling and Skype. Includes matte film on the screen and cover. A regular SIM is used instead of microSIM. Lighter, almost double (410 grams versus 730). Cheaper.

If any questions are not covered - I can answer interested, as long as there is an opportunity to "twist".

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