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You can watch live Russia-24 TV channel in the application "Vesti" for iPhone

image Today, the TV channel "Russia-24" (former "News") announced the launch of broadcast on the iPhone. The TV channel’s live broadcast can be viewed in the Vesti application for the iPhone - today a corresponding button has appeared in this application. Pruflink: www.vesti.ru/doc.html?id=403318

Since we had a hand in this project as performers, under the cut I will tell you about what I had to do in order to realize the broadcast on the iPhone.

First, it was necessary to find a good video transcoder, which fit the specific requirements of both the content provider (i.e. RTR) and the iPhone.

Secondly, for the application to be accepted in the AppStore, the threads had to be multibitrate, i.e. coded so that users can watch them both at high and low quality of communication.

Thirdly, the streams from the encoder had to be brought into our CDN, which Wowza uses - to do it without loss of quality also turned out to be a non-trivial task.

Fourthly, it was necessary to ensure the synchronization of the streams among themselves - otherwise the user, if he changed the download speed available to him, and would jump from place to place in the stream, which he would hardly have liked.

Fifth, all this had to be tested and debugged, which turned out to be the most time-consuming task.

And finally, everything works! Use on health!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107199/

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