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ASUS Online Services

We have already written a lot about ASUS, about innovations, interesting wonders, but have never considered the services created by this company. But they are and people use them. It is time to open the veil and you.


You can use the ASUS online services to help you work, play and communicate wherever you are (within the Earth, of course).

One of the main trends in our time is the growing popularity of the Internet, online services and social networks. And it is already quite obvious that the emergence of numerous devices with the help of which you can surf the Internet will inevitably make services that provide access to the necessary information / services / games and other familiar things from anywhere in the world.

Online storage allows you to access your data no matter where you are, or which computer you use. The free software will automatically support your most important files, while the Drug-n-Drop network interface makes it easy to create slide shows, full music and animated effects from your photos, or to open access to files for sharing with friends or colleagues. work.

But let's take a look at these services in turn. By the way, services, of course, are available not only for owners of ASUS laptops, but for everyone.

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From the name it is already clear that this is an app store. The programs are paid, but there are trial (or even free) versions that will help you evaluate the program before you buy it. Another indisputable advantage of such an app store is that you do not depend on your computer. If suddenly something happens to him, it does not matter, you can go to your personal account at AP Bank, download and reinstall everything that you purchased earlier.

Link: http://apbank.asus.com/

ASUS WebStorage

Online storage is access to your files from any device with Internet access. Now you don’t need to carry hard drives with you; it’s enough to have a more or less stable network. Also, you can share the desired file with friends in a couple of clicks. In this case, you do not need to worry about backing up this information, everything happens automatically, ASUS carefully keeps every your byte.

Link: http://www.asuswebstorage.com/

If you have an ASUS device, then you get 10GB or more of disk space. If not, then only 1GB. But, you can always expand this quota by inviting friends.


Naturally, there is a paid access. See for yourself.

Unlimited access 1 month for USD 5.89
Unlimited access 1 year for USD 47.19
Unlimited access 2 years for USD 82.59

ASUS Game Park


Games that go to thousands, designed for the widest audience, are available for immediate use! Play with a computer or invite friends to fight. The 60-minute free demo version will allow you to evaluate this or that game before you purchase it.

You came to visit your parents and do not know what to do when everyone went to bed? It does not matter, it is necessary to go on the Internet, go to the personal cabinet of ASUS Game Park and you can continue the passage of an exciting quest! Here they are - the charm of synchronization.

Link: http://gamepark.asus.com/

Well, the next service is not yet designed for the Russian market, but it is very suitable for those who live or often happen in Europe and the USA.


This service will help you to be anywhere online. Over 100,000 Wi-Fi points scattered across America and Europe. This will help businessmen who fly frequently and should always be in touch. And just to people who work in the "clouds".

Link: http://www.boingo.com/

I hope you liked the services and you decide to use any of them.
Good luck!

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