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YotaAir - a day out of the office

Habraludi, what do you consider the most important among working conditions, of course, apart from interesting tasks and a huge salary? :) We believe that the whole thing - in freedom. Including - in freedom from traffic jams, freedom of movement.

Yesterday we conducted the tradition #yotair campaign, the essence of which is simple - employees can work anywhere, and the employer should not limit them to corporate offices. We believe that everyone has the right to work where it is more convenient for him. And as an Internet company, we can provide it technically.

Employees had time to disperse who where. To a manager who is not accustomed to such a state of affairs, such “chaos” may seem dangerous, but we are confident in the decency of our employees. They reciprocated and showed us even better results.

RT @AnnAlexeeva: #yotair working at sea)

But this topic is not only about us. Tell us about interesting promotions that your employer has conducted or is holding. Surely there are representatives of companies in which they do something interesting besides boring corporate presentations and meetings. Share the experience of creating your own special atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding in the company.

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