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WiMax 2X: two operators via one usb modem

WiMax has one main plus and one main disadvantage: it is fast, but the coverage is not ideal. In this regard, I want to connect to several operators at once, as many do in cellular networks. For these people came up with phones with two SIM cards. But greedy WiMax operators do not want the user to connect to competitors. For each operator is required to buy your USB-modem. This is inconvenient: firstly, you need to pay extra money, and secondly, it is unpleasant to poke modems when you are on the road. There are two such operators in Moscow, and I suffered for a long time with two different modems, but yesterday technology technologies finally triumphed over the greed of mega-corporations. It turned out that the solution is very simple!

I showed the whole connection process in a 5-minute video (yes, this is very simple and fast, but how much I went to this):

For those who do not want to watch the video, the algorithm:
1) Take the Yota Jingle modem and install its native software directly from the modem. We take a software from the modem, but not from the site!
2) Install Clear Connection Manager . Installation is simple.
3) Install Connection Manager 2501 . Also nothing complicated.
4) Copy all the DLLs from the folder
C: \ Program Files \ Clearwire \ Connection Manager
to folder
C: \ Program Files \ Comstar \ Connection Manager
After that, Clear Connection Manager starts to see the Yota Jingle modem and connect to its Comstar network.
You can connect to Yota only through YotaAccess.
Optional step that gives a convenient feature.
Go to the forum iotatester and download a special profile. Write it to the folder: C: \ Documents and Settings \ Lena \ Application Data \ Comstar \ Connection Manager
Lena - you need to replace your local user.
After that, in Comstar Connection Manager, you can browse the Yota network. He cannot connect to it, but you can estimate the signal level to save time.

Important notes:
1) I did all this in Windows XP. Whether it will work in other systems is not clear.
2) In order for Comstar Connection Manager to start without errors, you need to disable the Yota Access Service (control panel, administration, services). Put in the service settings to start manually. Otherwise, it automatically takes the modem itself and does not allow it to connect to Comstar.
3) To copy a profile, you need to make the system folders visible (control panel, folder properties, view).

What would you like:
1) I want to go to Yota and Comstar networks from one program. However, Comstar Connection Manager goes only to Comstar. And Clear Connection Manager only in Yota. YotaAccess sees only the Yota network. So for now you have to turn off one program and turn on another to go to another network.
2) Yota Jingle is not the best modem. I would like something more compact. However, Comstar modems do not want to work with Yota because of the certificate. And Samsung SWC-U200, judging by the forums, you need to reflash. And after reflashing, it works with only one operator, as I understood.
3) In theory, a more convenient switch should be on netbooks with an Intel 5150/5350 chipset. But I do not have this, my acquaintances either. I really want to try!

Let's link to other solutions! If you have questions about this decision, then ask - I will help.

PS: Suggestions for improving the tests and videos are welcomed!

UPD: an even simpler solution appeared thanks to ipswitch

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107179/

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